Nature Cards

Of the many card decks I use in my work, one is particularly on my mind right now, because it has disappeared from my reach.
It is hard to know whether I have misplaced it, maybe leaving it behind when I had been providing readings at a different location. I may have misfiled it when I was packing up boxes for storage, recently.
It could be in the back of a car, or under a car seat, it might even have worked its way out of my bag while I was on a city bus.

The deck is Ted Andrews’ Nature-Speak Oracle, and because I have had good results with it, I have replaced it – a new deck having loomed into view shortly after I detected the absence -- I cannot fault the timing of that!
My nature is not to rush willy-nilly into purchases of consumer goods, and yet being while I was without this deck, I felt incomplete, and replacing it – even at risk of duplicating it, was the right thing to do.
It is my nature to seek that feeling of having all my resources accessible, and if the other deck reappears, I will celebrate the bonus that it represents and not bemoan the money spent.
As a conduit for synchronicity I am delighted with the messages that appear in card-readings. I frequently use multiple decks, and this is the ideal choice for uncovering the nature of a given situation. 
I am in Barrhaven and Ottawa for the next few weeks: get in touch, and let’s see what is in your cards this summer! 

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