New Vibrations; New Relationships.

     2013, as much discussed on this site, reverberates with the number Six. We are called to Service; to take responsibility for our own lives and for the conditions of the world around us. This is the year to be conscious about our place in life and about our personal contributions to the Greater Good.
     Each month overlays another number vibration on that foundation, a number which interacts with the underlying Six, and directs us towards supported actions.
     May adds a Two. The One of April opened the way to begin new projects, with the promise that if we remained in alignment, they would be supported and completed by year-end.
     With the Two this month, all those plans and projects that were launched in April are moving into a time of connexion, interaction and relationship. As your project -- or other life condition – gets into its second month, it is moving into the time when other people and conditions are important to the progress we are making.
          Two energy provides correct conditions for examining and refining all the relationships in life. It could be a month of socializing and connecting with whatever team or workers or clients are involved. It might be the time to invest with suppliers and contractors. Maybe now you need to negotiate the conditions necessary for forward movement,
     When I named the vibration of April’s new cycle, one person told me she was going to embrace a weight loss program with a specific goal to be reached by the time 2014 arrived.
     I have no doubt that she began, and that she spent time in April attending meetings and buying and preparing the food that suited her new regimen.
     In May, as she moves out of the “start” mode and into relational energy, she will be able to address different aspects of her behaviour. First, her relationship to the woman in the mirror will be easier to shift this Two month. While April energized the newness of her diet and exercise, May is asking (and supporting) her to align her views away from habits of the past.
     She will find support for the idea that she is capable of personifying a healthy body eating health-promoting food.
     She can see her own image and know that there stands a woman who meets her commitments and reaches her goals.
     May will also enable a new relationship with food, the embracing of a new menu in the northern hemisphere is perfect. New garden produce is coming into availability. Fresh food is currently more accessible in both place and price.
     The arrival of spring adjusts the possibilities and lets a new relationship to the plate be novel and stimulating, so allowing success in the new alignment.
     When a Two slides into negativity, it can express envy and moodiness. Knowing this in advance intercepts the likelihood of small backsliding moments having the power to overcome the whole effort.
     Maybe one day at one meal there is too great a temptation, and some (perceived) forbidden food is ingested.
     So what?
    The supportive frequency persists, and the next mealtime is a new possibility. The eating train has not been derailed; it has simply bumped on a misaligned rail. The journey continues. No panic. Nothing to see here. Move along please.
     The Six of the year is supportive of this dieter’s commitment to serve her own body. The vessel in which we move and negotiate the world deserves our care and attention. Dietary adjustment is a timely goal indeed.
    For those of us who did not use April to commence a similar journey in our own lives, May’s ability to support new relationships can encourage a start now. The thrill of the novelty might not be present (although your chart might be expressing One in any number of places) nevertheless; the vision of a healthier body carrying you into 2014 is a vision to advance towards.
     When we make a decision that promotes our personal growth, the universal frequencies uphold and encourage us. May is the ideal time to clarify that decision.

Jo Leath is a Transition Coach and the creator of Journey into Alignment:  a coaching program which draws on her long experience of personal reinvention to ease your experience of adjustment and adaptation.