New Ways of Being

In May 2020 the shape of life is so far out of the ordinary as to be unrecognizable.  
As some people juggle isolation and working from home, others are out in the world, doing essential jobs while maintaining physical distance from others who are doing the same.
This is new for everyone. We are all finding our way on an unfamiliar journey, without knowing  exactly where we are headed, or when we will get there.
This makes a space for both stress, and for freedom. Finding and highlighting the positive parts of this experience is worth our conscious attention.

Changing the global reality is beyond any individual, and no one can undo the medical reality of where we currently are. 
The only realm in which we have personal control, is in our personal responses, and the actions we personally take.
The concept “Be Here, Now” is not new. The truth that “It Is What It Is” has been around for a long time.  Never before, however, have these teachings been so immediately apparent. 

For each of us, as we navigate our time and activity in solitude or in small groups, the impossibility of seeking relief from social interaction is removed or much minimized.
Our behaviour is not lost in the actions of a crowd. If we are paying attention, there is a bright spotlight shining on us, and we have a rare opportunity to look deeply into what we are doing, how we are feeling, and which parts of that feel good or less than good.
If we find ourselves anxious, we may be spending our energy outside our own skin, concerned about the reactions and responses of others, instead of being centred in doing what we know to be correct for our own progress.

Numerologically, this May is combining the foundational energy of the Four (2+0+2+0=4) with the expansive nature brought by the Five for the fifth month. Together (4+5=9) they showcase the closing of a chapter, the turning of a page, and a time from which there is no Going Back: we will move forward into a new and different cycle. 

For those among us who feel we are just cogs in the machine which is The System, or The Economy, who are we when the machine is shut off? When things are shut down there is a unique chance to explore our own psyches, to see who we are and how we want to express ourselves in the future 

For some people, life is a rush to get from here to there. No matter how personally meaningful the goal, the stresses of racing can be great.

Right now, many of us have a chance to walk slowly, to take in the sights and sounds and smells, and to decide whether we are willing to relinquish them from daily life.

For those who are most fortunate, this is a time to dig deeper, to see what is underneath our usual activities, and to celebrate and bring into the light those amazing things that lie beneath the surface.

Numerology and other tools can help you to find clarity in this time. Zoom sessions are private  and easily accessible for anyone who is online. Telephone and FaceTime are also available. 
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