Nicknames and Name Changes

     At Numerology is described as: “ the study of the purported mystical relationship between numbers and the character or action of physical objects and living things “

     Much has been said in this blog about different aspects of Numerology. When preparing a chart, relationships and characteristics can often appear rigid. Keys to the personality and a calendar of life can be drawn up, and presented on screen or paper they might appear immutable
     Human life being what it is, however, rather than being unchanging or unadaptable, the chart is the stable constant from which relationships with the world can grow and blossom.
     Few people live without having their names adjusted to the moment. Names are shortened; pet names are given; sibling misproncouniations are adopted by the family; and sometimes an individual four or five year old declares that something different is My Name, and it becomes the one most commonly used.
     In The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration,  Vera Nazarian writes:
     “Most of us have nicknames—annoying, endearing, embarrassing. But what about your true name?
It is not necessarily your given name. But it is the one to which you are most eager to respond when called. Ever wonder why? Your true name has the secret power to call you.”

       A Numerology chart is prepared beginning withthe name that was first given -- usually at or soon after birth.    
     The soul arriving in Human Life is arriving to circumstances arranged in a sacred contract. The parents, family and community have been specifically chosen to launch the new arrival into the life path that bet serves the soul growth that has been planned.
Sensing the multiple dimensions of connexion that we have with our earthly beginnings is difficult. From our vast existence in the dimension of Source energy, we fit what we can into the tiny physical brain that is to be our home, and we trust in the encoding of those other souls who have agreed to assist our experience. 
     The naming adults know exactly how to present the desired life-map in a name. Some parents have been aware for years that they will have a child of a particular name. Some are at a loss, reading books and making lists and remaining unsatisfied, until after the birth when they look at the baby and are inspired to use the exactly correct name that was contracted all along.
     Many families have had the experience of naming a child and having a societal authority change or mis-record it. I have had several clients who were recorded in church records by names their parents did not choose.  Making a chart reveals fascinating differences between the two names, and thus far my clients have, without exception, unfolded the path that the parents knew and the baptismal records did not.
    Back in the 1920s, Margie’s mother was a little girl. She named her best and favourite doll Margie. She was certain that she would call her baby Margie, and when she wed and later delivered a daughter into the world, that is what she did. The sacred contract she had made with the Soul arriving as her daughter was entrenched in her thinking and very being. The family priest, however, found there to be no Saint Margie within the church, and recorded the child as Margaret.
     Numerologically speaking Margaret adds up to Two, a number of relationships, sometimes associated with compliance. Margie adds to Eight, giving the individual an energy of balance and Spiritual connexion.  My client Margie has lived an Eight life, as she came to do.
     There are many reasons why we change the names we are using.  New names might be bestowed because of adoption; marriage; divorce; religious conversion; pseudonyms taken for professional roles and even conscious and deliberate Numerological changes.
     In every case, the addition of the new name-vibration to the chart reveals something of the Sacred Intention that was brought into the Human Experience.
    Nicknames also tell us much about the life-path. Often they are applied by other people, not chosen freely. In this situation they can be attempts to evoke particular responses and attributes.
     Susan’s Two energy is replaced with Nine when she is called Sue. Much depends on why and by whom this change is made. Adding consideration of 'Sue' to Susan’s chart allows a deep exploration of those relationships; the expectations of the others involved and how they impact her intended Soul Growth.
      Salvatore is a Five, Sal is a Five too, the friends who call him Sam are imposing Six energy, looking for him to shift from the flexible Five to a more responsible Six.
     Joseph is a One, Joe is a Three, the energy shifts between the origination ability of the One to the inspired creativity of the Three.  The very same One to Three switch comes when Allison is shortened to Allie.
     This list could go on and on. William (7)and Bill (8); Cynthia (8)Cindy(1)  Cindi (3); Margaret (2) Maggie (6) Meg (7) Peg(1) Peggy(6).
     Naturally family name-changes that commence with marriage represent a massive and profound frequency change in a chart, and must be included if Sacred Contracts are to be understood.
     A Numerology Chart is a complex document. Every part of it can increase self-knowledge and understanding about Life Intention. It is a way to connect to that secret power which calls you forward. Your chart is a key to your Sacred Contracts and Soul Growth.  As we move through this Six year, this may be the correct time to delve into how best you can serve the path you chose for this lifetime.

Jo Leath has been practicing Numerology since 1983. You can arrange to work with her by contacting, or order a chart here