Not There Yet

This is an energetically powerful week. The year is vibrating with Four Energy, because 2+0+2+0=4. April is the fourth month, the 22nd enhances that Four even more intensely. 
Four is solid, stable energy. It is the foundation on which something new can be built. 
I often tell clients that when we build something with four sides, it usually doesn’t fall over.
Four, therefore, is a dependable and reliable energy which serves to ensure that all things that follow are safe and grounded.

In January I published a blog which included an examination of what the Number Four might bring to the year.
<The Energy of 2020 is Four which is a strong and dependable energy on which to build a new future. 2020 calls for the unification of relationships, among people, industries, and approaches to civilization. The future will include features which were not considered necessary in the past, the events and evolution of 2019 has brought multitudes of new possibility onto the consciousness of society’s creators. <> 2020 is filled with concepts like Unity among Relationships, and combinations which will create a new base for the future. January will be a time of expansion in how we perceive that future, and the expectations that we create. As we define what we think might come into being, we will set intentions for our behaviour, for the results we wish to see, and for the paths we will choose to reach our destination.>
My imagination is insufficient to have envisioned the conditions we are currently navigating. What is certain is that we are now able to create the stable base from which a changed future can grow.
This is not a temporary detour, or a step outside to await a small change. We are at the outset of something profound, and it is in the near future that we can make the choices and steer in the direction that will serve positive results to more of the human family than previous systems. 
In this Four month of the Four year, we are blessed also with specific days that add an additional Four (4th, 13th, 22nd ). Those days are indescribably powerful. 
How we conduct ourselves on those days will provide a pattern for our own growth: making time for happy pursuits, for helping and caring will formulate an attraction for more opportunities to repeat those actions. If we spend these days being selfish or greedy or misanthropic, we are seeding a garden to grow loneliness, scarcity and an absence of community. 
We make the choice. We design our future. The shape of life ahead is influenced by what we put down to support it.

That said, there is nothing final about Four Energy, in many ways it is only a beginning. 
A layer of make-up foundation is not the face that will be presented.
The gravel base course is not the road.
The foundation may provide walls for the basement, but that is not a house.
As a society we are moving toward something new and different, we are not there yet: we are still in the starting up phase. As we get clear about our longer-term intentions, we can make as many adjustments and adaptations as we need to accommodate the best possible outcome. 
What we cannot do is abdicate our role in the decision-making process. We cannot sit back and hope that someone else will look after our interests.
This is a time for getting very clear about what we want the end product to be, so that the substructures we are starting to position will be equal to the job as our new construction flourishes in years to come.
We are not there yet, and if we do not get involved, we could be highjacked and taken to a whole other place.

There are many ways to access energies described by Numerology, and learning about your very individual combination can help you to focus your activities and enjoy the very best that life can bring. Re-evaluating how you wish to move forward helps clarify the kind of foundation you are likely to need.
Transformation, transition, Shift, by whatever name we give this change, it is well begun, but we are not there yet. 
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