Path. Walk. Change.

     Labyrinths are spiritual tools which focus energy. When we walk them, our own energy fields are exposed to frequencies and vibrations that rarely touch us in other locations.
      Walking a labyrinth can be a moving meditation. Slowly, and mindfully travelling the path allows for an open connexion to Spirit. Insights may flow, solutions to specific problems may suddenly seem obvious.  
     There are measurable physical effects from meditation and focussed contemplative practice, including labyrinth walking. 
     The brain responds to feelings of good mood by releasing the chemicals that will maintain good mood. The ‘happy’ chemicals: endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are all produced and maintained at higher levels during labyrinth walks.
     A study at Medical College of Wisconsin found lasting reductions in high blood pressure,
     The swelling related to asthma and arthritis is reduced, and pain diminished.
     As stress response dissipates, the digestive system relaxes, and the parasympathetic nervous system improves digestive functioning. 
     On the Mental Plane, meditation and Mindful Walking can help improve focus, and training the attention to return to a central point can help in all life’s activities, meaning that anxiety, childhood depression, and attention difficulties can benefit from treatments which include walking a labyrinth.

     Emotionally, the labyrinth can be an enjoyable, fun experience. Many youngsters are energized by the energy, and will hop and jump and play on the labyrinth, using the lines for games. Hopscotch is said to have originated on the Chartres labyrinth by people using the turn-around shapes as a path between the centre and the outer edge.
     As a Spiritual practice, walking a labyrinth is a metaphor for all of life. We move forward, anticipating a result ahead of us, and suddenly the path takes a sharp turn, and we move in a different direction. We may think we are reaching our goal at the centre, and suddenly we are as far away as we can be, still moving, and seeing a very different vista than expected.

       There is no negative in any of this. It is not possible to be lost or challenged in the ways a maze will suddenly present a dead end. Solving the puzzle of a maze demands strategy and memory and tactics: all tools of the mind and head. The labyrinth needs none of these, it can be enjoyed as an instinctual, open following of the path which will, as in life, always result in the success of our intentions.

I am a certified Labyrinth Facilitator, and it is not too soon to begin planning your event for World Labyrinth Day . on Saturday May 4th, 2019 
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