Personal Vibrations in a Year of Service

 2013 vibrates with Six energy.    2+0+1+3=6

       In a Six year, the vibrations of service and responsibility echo through every life, yet depending on where each of us is located on the calendar of Personal Years, that Six can manifest in different ways.

      If you don’t know your Personal Year vibration for 2013, here is a simple way to find out:

First, add the day and month numbers of your birth anniversary for this year.

Keep adding until you have a single digit.

Using my birthday for example, 28th of March that calculation would be:

2+8 (for the day)

+3(for the month)

+2+0+1+3(for this year) =19.

Then add the 1+9=10,

Then add 1+0=1,

It shows that I am in a One Personal Year, starting a new cycle.

      Each of the cycles lasts for nine years; the Universal Number Cycle; Personal Year Cycle and an age-related cycle which is not included in today’s calculations. The combination of numbers repeats throughout life.

     A One Personal year begins the unfolding of the next cycle. Every personal cycle that I live in this lifetime will begin in a Six Universal year. This arrangement holds clues about my intended destiny for this lifetime, and it is clear to me that my life is geared towards an alignment with Service.

     In the next few posts, I will explore the specifics of each of the nine possibilities, and how they combine with the Universal Six energy, to give each of us a differing role in the progress of Service. For today however, I will make a quick overview of the Number Cycle.

       Using the formula above, you can calculate your Personal Year number. Read below to reveal which vibrations in your personal energy field are being expanded by the Six of 2013.

     One is the Number of beginnings, of something where nothing was before. One anchors us to the constant renewal of the cycle of life.

     Wherever Two things exist, the have a relationship to each other. Two carries that relationship frequency, a Two year calls for growth in the way we relate to others, to ourselves, and to Spirit.

     When that which exists (One) combines with something other (Two) then an original thing is created (Three). This can be an inspired thought meeting a human brain and causing a mathematical breakthrough, or a bee meeting an apple blossom, and initiating the arrival of a fruit. Three energy is about creativity, channelling of new ideas and concepts into our world, and expanding human life.

     When we build something with four sides, it usually doesn't fall down. Four is a solid, foundational Number, on which we can build our future.

     Five, at the centre of the Number Cycle, is the Number for change and growth and progress.

     Six, as much discussed in this blog, is the Number of service and responsibility. A person with a Six personal year in 2013 is always vibrating with the same energy as the Cosmos, and is called to behave in an alignment that serves as an example to others.

     Seven is a Number of Spirit, of connexion, of finding alignment. Seven is a seeker of truth in all the dimensions of life.

     Eight is further connexion to the Infinite Source of Life and Love. It is the mathematical shape which might be the shape of the Universe, and it signifies balance and symmetry in conduct and in life.

     Nine, as the last of the single digits, contains all the others, and represents unity and wholeness.

     Wherever any individual is positioned on the numerological calendar, there is sure and certain Cosmic support for the work of the year.   

     We each have a destiny. When we have left the path that leads to our intended accomplishments, we can become confused or unhappy. We may be spending our time and effort seeking an indefinable Something More. With the knowledge contained in our Numerology, we can find clues to help us return to the path. There is alignment, and when we are living it, we live in joy.