Personal Years One, Two and Three

     Understanding the Six vibration of the year (2+0+1+3=6) is an important part of finding your personal alignment with the vibrations of the Universe, and it is important to remember that it is only a part of the story.
     We have each arrived in human life with a calendar to guide us as we move into our intended destiny.
     One of the clues we can access as we move into alignment is found in the number known as the Personal Year.
Over the next posts I will detail some of the information encoded in this number.
     If you don’t know what your Personal Year vibration, you can calculate it following this formula:
     Add the day and month numbers of your birth anniversary for this year, and keep adding until you have a single digit. There are nine possible totals.

Using my birthday for example, 28th of March that calculation would be:
2+8            (for the day)
+3              (for the month)
+2+0+1+3  (for this year)


Add the 1+9=10,

Add 1+0=1,

and it becomes clear that a person with a March 28th birthday is in a One personal year, starting a new nine year cycle.

One Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.
     If your personal calendar reveals that you are in a One Personal Year for 2013, you are entering a year which offers the opportunity for new beginnings, for originating new ideas and projects. One symbolizes creating something where nothing existed before.
     Within the context of the 2013 Six Vibration this means beginning new services and originating new ways to serve.
     For the life-path of this individual now is a time for launching new projects which serve the people and places within reach, and filling gaps in the services that exist today.

     The One Personal Year calls for clarity. It is time to look at your life on a longer scale than day-to-day. This is the time to define a vision to work towards. Whether you envision life throughout the next Nine Year Cycle, or simply list the accomplishments you would like to achieve in 2013, you will be progressing towards your intended destiny.

     If you drift in a purposeless meander through life, it may be nine years before these opportunities return to you. This is a time to choose to fully launch into a life of conscious decision-making.
     Because of the Cosmic alignments that exist now, projects you start will be easily accomplished. Projects that are rooted in the expectations of other people with stall or fail. You are being called to express your Soul Self in the work that you do. When you begin being fully authentic and doing the work that fills your heart and feels natural and happy and correct, then your path will unfold ahead of you. You will be led into successes you never imagined. You will be supported by all the energy of this amazing Universe.
Two Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.
     When two things exist in Time and Space, they have a relationship to each other – even if the relationship is that they are disconnected.
     A Two Personal Year is always about relationships, very often about how we relate to the person in the mirror. This is a year for personal development. As we become more of ourselves, we will bring aligned action into the world.
     A Two Personal Year during a Six Universal Year brings the Service of the Six into all of our relationships, not through imposing demands, but through modeling cooperation and consensus building.
     Spirit is not served when reality is resisted. It is inevitable that sometimes people will disagree, delay or detour any given course of action.   
      A Service-centred relationship is patient and kind. Allow people to be who they are, while keeping the goal in mind. The Cosmic Frequencies in your calendar will support and uphold you through the apparent obstacles. Release the need to control, and allow ‘what is’ to be.
     A moment of offering help, of being pleasant, of reducing tension, may be the turning point of your year and the key to your success.
Three Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.
     The Three Personal Year is a creative and happy time. There are social, cheerful events. As the year unfolds there will be opportunities to introduce new ideas and concepts into the world. These might be poems or oil paintings or they might be gardens, computer code or innovative recipes.
     A Three Personal Year in a Six Universal Year provides the conditions for bringing novel forms of service into the world.
     You may have ideas for re-vamping existing systems, or you may see the potential for entirely new ways of delivering the services that people need.
     In this time of expanding technology and the new networking systems that develop seemingly daily, there is a great deal of scope for the originality of the Three to be fully expressed.
     In the Number Cycle the Three is revealed as the product of Spirit channeling through Two. A bee and a blossom work together to bring an apple into the physical world. An inspired thought and a human brain can bring a new and progressive, advantageous concept into society. If your calendar shows that you are in a Three Personal Year, create the conditions that will permit you to bring advancement to the world.

Personal Years Four, Five and Six will be examined in my next post.
Meanwhile, your Journey Into Alignment asks you to pay attention and answer your calling.