Planes of Expression

     February 14th approaches, and the Western celebration of romantic love is present, many other aspects of love are ignored.
     My teacher Alicia Power works with Spirit Mentors and tutors, and she channels Creative Beings who teach that Love is an electromagnetic force-field. They say that the Human Experience involves learning to maintain a stable wave-form of love while we are part of the Human Collective, here on the Earth.
     When we connect with the truth that this physical world is a mere facet of a larger existence, it makes sense that locating the energies of the non-physical planes can be beneficial. Learning how your planes are energised can simplify your life!
     In Numerology, part of the chart identifies The Planes of Expression. These provide a framework for understanding the expanded nature of human experience.
     The Physical Plane is the home of the body. Numbers Four and Five originate here: numbers of solidity and stability (Four) alongside flexibility and growth (Five). This is the astonishing paradox of living entities, where only change is constant.
     The numbers Two, Three and Six describe the Emotional Plane. E-motion is Energy in Motion. The energies that flow through our bodies and minds create ripples of feeling and sensing that connect us with the Emotional plane.  Our physicality and our emotions are intertwined. Stress can elevate blood pressure; love can interrupt sleep patterns; anger can change eating habits.
     The Emotional Body is the next layer of our energy field after the physical skin. This is the place where our relationships are processed (Two) where we channel ideas and concepts into the physical (Three ) and where we create emotional structures like families  and teams to help us navigate the world (Six).
     The Mental Plane is where the Numbers One and Eight reside.  For a Reiki practitioner or other energy worker, the Mental Body is the next layer after the Emotional.
     One is the number of self and being. It is the start of all things, coming as the originating point after the Void. Each of us enters Life on Earth through a process that began with a thought.  An activation of thought vibrating with One energy precipitated the human activity that resulted in conception.  The deep memory of Eight-energy is present in the unconscious. That looping energy of Eight connects the brain to the Mental Plane. This is when wisdom transmits into our awareness.
     The thoughts in our brains are like sound-waves delivered through an electronic device. The device does not contain the performer, and in similar fashion our brain receives and re-broadcasts thoughts which have been delivered from the Mental Plane where they originated.
     Numbers Seven and Nine reveal our presence within (or connexion to) the Intuitive Plane. Here is the conduit to the Deepest Wisdom that is held within our non-physical selves. This Plane can be visualized as the energetic sheath that envelopes our corporeal mass.
     Our intuition is never absent. We can learn to block it out; we might simply never learn to connect with it; nevertheless it is always there.
     When we come to any junction in the road; any decision or choice, we have the answer. It is within this plane that the wisdom sits, prepared to activate the intentions we have carried into life. The lessons we came to learn are available, and when we heed the intuitive voice, we will be directed towards those teachings.
     This does not at all mean that life following intuition will be comfortable or unchallenging or easy. There is no Easy-A course when we are engaged in the classroom of life.
     Seven energy can lead to pain and difficulty; to diseases and injustices; even to moments of despair. These moments, when we look back later, are times of great learning. These are the turnings away from worse possibilities. Being diverted from wrong choices becomes a triumph to celebrate because we learnt to overcome, to survive, to find gratitude in the very little. Seven leads us to find love when seemingly there is nothing, nothing else.
     Nine energy contains all the other numbers. Nine is the promise and occurrence of completion. Nine is the proof that we are learning and progressing. The Intuitive Plane encloses all the other planes as well as the physical body. As such it holds the promise of integrity and alignment.
     The Number vibrations which are present in any individual chart act and interact with each other in many ways. Finding out about the frequencies within your Planes of Expression can be a key to understanding where you intended your life to take you.
    As we strive to discover our role in the maintenance of a stable wave-form of love on the Earth, Numerology can help us to uncover and utilize the information in our energy fields.

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