Prepare and Allow.

      In Western society, beginnings happen in the quietest moments. Each new day begins at midnight, in deep darkness, while people sleep. New years arrive just after the longest night of the year, when plants and animals are hibernating, and Getting Through until spring is a worthy ambition.
     Despite the structure of the calendar, many people and institutions experience an annual time of activation in September. Rosh Hashanah, marking the start of a new year on the Jewish calendar, happened during the same week as the opening of a new Canadian school year.
     Tomorrow morning, September 18th, the Full Harvest Moon will reach official status around sunrise.
     For farmers and gardeners and orchardists who are working to bring in the crops before frost damages the produce, this is one of the most important times of the year. Provisions and animal feed are needed for the winter, and if the seeds for the next crop are not harvested, then the cycle stalls. This is the time for drying and preserving and planning ahead. Now is the moment for celebrating the bounty of life before Mother Planet tilts our hemisphere into the cooler, darker phase of the year. We are surrounded by the abundance of the fields, and the unequalled beauty of landscape.
     On September 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox will occur, and for a brief moment in time, light and dark will balance, and day and night will be of equal length. After the 22nd, the darkness will gradually expand.
     Plants will prepare to enter into their season of rest. Trees will release leaves to insulate roots against the coming cold. Berries and fruits will fall to the ground, cracking open, softening, nourishing the seeds within, anticipating spring.
     Many animals will prepare for the winter ahead, storing food and creating dens, accepting What Is and behaving accordingly.
     In nature, there is little resistance to change. The pattern is of preparation followed by allowing.
     In Numerological terms, September’s position in the year gives it a value of Nine.
     This results in September being a time when our Personal Year Energy is intensified.
     People in a Three Personal year add the Nine of September and reach 12. Add the digits [12=1+2=3] and September is a Three month in a Three year.
     Are you in a Seven Personal year? 7+9=16. 1+6=7. It is true for us all.
     I am currently in a One Personal Year, thus September is my One month. My chart predicts that this is a time of renewal and novelty and opportunity.  I am blessed with many new directions, new possibilities and new relationships.
     Now that our globe teeters on the knife-edge of balance we call Equinox, I look for my life to achieve balance too. I seek the same equilibrium that my clients seek, and I think that this is a simple facet of the Human Condition. No matter what time of year or Number vibration or external circumstance is at play, the quest we are living is one of balance and symmetry and alignment with the intentions of our lives.
     As sunsets grow earlier and evenings expand, this is the season to make preparations for the inevitable cycling of seasons.
     When we accept and allow, then the earth’s tips and tumbles through space cannot affect our essential selves.  Sunlight will beam at us from whichever angle it comes. The work we are here for is the preparation, not the season. The season will happen. Allow it. 

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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