Prepare for Great Beginnings  

    Numerology is a vast discipline. Our personal charts are very individual, being created from our date of birth and the letters of our name, extending through how we express ourselves, what our intentions are, and which energies are present with us at any given time.
    Alongside that personal calendar, the Number energies of the 'regular' calendar also vibrate and contribute to our experience. As the date changes, the frequencies of universal energy surrounding us changes as well.
    The Number Cycle turns repeatedly through the nine single digits. It is predictable: repeating the sequence in a progressive and expansive way.
    The twelve months of the calendar year combined with this cycle of nine, creates a repeat which I like to call a hop and skip. This happens every year, beginning in October.
    As the tenth month, October carries a major One vibration, 1+0 =1, which we also experience in January. This value is added to that of the year: 2015 is an Eight year, thus January and October each present us to work with the support of the Nine. Our life does not repeat, however. With nine months of experiences and growth, we relate to the world differently today than at the start of the year.
    The October change is especially important because 2016 will be a Nine year: with Nine energy present on every day, underpinning all the frequencies of the cycle as it shifts, universally and personally.
     Nine is the frequency that supports Oneness and Completion, and October gives a sneak preview into the kinds of situations and circumstances that 2016 will bring to us.
    Because the number cycle is a simple rotation which ends and nine and begins again, November will offer One energy, and December will carry Twos.       
    Then, with the elegance that is this Cosmos, as the year moves along into Nine energy at the stroke of the New Year, January will add One, and February will add Two before we surge into the Three of March.  The Nine of the year does not change the value of the month because it disappears in the calculation: 9+2 = 11, and 1+1 =2.  9+3 = 12, and 1+2 = 3.
    As a result, the next months appear to stutter in the movement around the cycle: there is a little hop as we go from October’s Nine, November's One and December's Two into January's One and February's Two. The Three of March is followed by predictable flow until the next little skip.   
    All Nine energy, including this October and all of next year, is resident in the Spiritual plane. Nine, wherever it appears, is the Number which holds all the energies of all the digits: it is about unity and wholeness and conclusions.
    When we are aligned with Nine, we are able to conclude projects; end toxic behaviours; release anchors which have been limiting us; and prepare for the novelty of the upcoming One – a Number of beginnings.
      Nine lets us clear out the old to make space for the new. There will be circumstances in which we can accomplish this in October, and see the thrill of fresh possibilities in November.
    Before the end of October some short-term ventures can be accomplished successfully: the e-book we've been meaning to write; the MP3 lectures we want to hear; painting the office; clearing out the bookcase.
    In November there will be new ideas and possibilities. When the bookcase is rationalized there is room for new concepts: maybe a teakettle and mugs is the right choice, one which could not have been considered until the the dated, useless books had been removed.
    For tasks and strategies that are playing out on the larger scale: no matter how large they appear today, they can be wrapped up during 2016 when the influence of Nine is utilized.
    Life is change and growth and movement. 2017 contains a future we cannot understand today. Until then, being engaged with the Number energies surrounding us will move each of us along the path which serves our intended destiny.    
     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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