Being present takes much longer to describe than to be.

      In the time it can take to name all the sensations of a given moment, the moment is past and the sensations have changed. Being is very different from telling, or naming or saying. 
      Being present means being settled, and that is a difficult state for people raised in busyness and constant movement and stimulation.
     We are not so much sitting on the seat watching television, as we are immersed in the neighbourhood of Sesame Street, or Coronation Street or the frightening places on the evening news.
      Being present means something slightly different from being mindful, My body can be present while my mind is elsewhere, and if mindfulness has become a meditation then sitting in the breath and feeling connected to Spirit can stop a person from hearing a voice ask them to hand over the nearby magazine.
      Being present for someone else is more about focus on the changes in surroundings, listening to the words said, moving to accommodate the needs and wishes of others.
      Presence is a state of being fully “here now,” having a balanced focus, sensing their surroundings as well as their own  thoughts and feelings, including what is happening in “back of mind”. 
     People who are present do not play roles or wear masks. They express their individual thoughts, feelings and identity without imposing expectations on others. They stay inside their own skin, and in so doing, they allow others to find their personal, distinctive presence. 
     Being present also creates a space of inclusivity. There can be no judgement or rejection when someone am simply present with their own responses. As a result, they are open to whatever ways other people express. No one is expecting anyone to be any specific thing, to change for convenience or to fulfill fantasies. This allowing creates a looping energy that is sensed by others, and permits them to be more present and authentic in themselves.

       Being present while apart is more possible with modern technology than ever before.
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