Why Readings?

     The title of this site, and a caption on much of my work, reads “Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom.”
     The idea of exploring paths is easily interpreted as a reference to labyrinths, although the line and the website were created before I was called to work with those particular paths.
     I originally intended to convey the idea that there are many ways to tap into Cosmic Wisdom, and no wrong way to access it.
     At the time I named the website, I was working with Numerology as well as with oracle cards, the pendulum, and the I Ching Coin Oracle, all of which are channels for synchronicity.
     The intelligence of the Universe is pervasive, and we are each connected with it.
     How we name our connexion varies according to our culture, our upbringing, our understanding of the Unseen and whatever other personal concepts we bring to the conversation. There is no 'correct' name.     
     Numerology is the system that makes most sense to me, and it is only one of many routes to the information that is encoded for us in the non-physical realms.     
     This week I had a client who is currently in a Two Personal Year, and I told her that this is a time of changing relationships, and new people coming into her sphere. Before I could tell her that September will be particularly aligned with her stated desire to find a new partner, she told me that recently saw an astrologer, who told her the same thing, and that next month will be the prime time for meeting a potential mate.
     Two profoundly different ways to synthesize information, and the result is the same.
     As time goes by, and as more clients grant me the gift of sharing their quests for clarity and wisdom, my awe increases at the machinations of synchronicity. It is amazing in its complexity while remaining incredibly simple.
     I see people burst into tears when a card is turned, because the message they are receiving resonates more deeply than they can contain.
      I have had clients rub their arms and tell me they have goosebumps, or that they feel a temperature change on their skin. All this as a reaction to seeing a card that they themselves selected, sight unseen, from a deck of dozens.
     We call it intuition, or guardian angels, or ancestors, or higher self, deeper self, inner knowing, or some other name. The name is not as important as knowing that it is present, always.     
     The knowledge that sits within us is eager to make itself known. We simply need to  provide a path for it to do so.
     We have been taught about the value of book-learning and the importance of acquiring physical belongings. We have been inculcated with society’s priorities around relationships and occupations. We have not usually been encouraged to discover that information which is encoded in your field: to uncover the truths you never sought. 
     This is the reason to attend a reading. In choosing the card that you find to be different from all the others, you can reach in to your own pool of wisdom, and find the insights your Spirit knows can progress your life plan.
     Why would you not?

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