Resolve to Create a Vision for 2015

     I believe that there is a cultural instinct related to Numerology which leads us to make resolutions for the New Year.  There is an unspoken acknowledgement that a new number-vibration will support us in new or changed behaviours.
     Some people have great success: they follow through and succeed, moving closer to, or arriving at, their stated goal. Many others lose interest, forget, or thoroughly fail.
     The difference may be in the vibrations of their personal calendar; the lessons they require to fulfill their intentions; or how deeply they have connected to their destination state.
     Clarity is key. There is a discrepancy between the vague ‘I want to cook at home more’ and the clear ‘I will serve homemade meals three nights a week.’
     Finding that clarity is not always simple. We might want to ‘take up knitting’, and become overwhelmed enough to quit when we discover the need for help with reading patterns and regulating yarn tension and knitting for hours. If we had made some research and shaped the commitment to a specific, then we would be prepared to do what was necessary. Whether the choice is to make a blanket, or a pair of socks, or a toddler’s snow suit, having an unambiguous intention will support the learning required. We will be able to discern the needs that promote our precise intention.
     Yes, I need to learn plain and purl stitches; no, I don’t need to know how to turn a heel when I make a blanket. With clarity comes more clarity.
     No matter what change or growth you want to adopt, or what time of year you adopt it, a detailed vision of the end result will help. The route is simpler, sometimes quite obvious, when you can name your destination.
     Few of us have learnt how to build that kind of vision for our own lives. We might be goal-oriented at work or in sporting activities, and still never think to bring those techniques into personal life. How do I set about being more kind? Overcoming inappropriate lessons from childhood? Seeking respect? Or laughing more?
     To know the details of where and who we want to be, we need to sit, and think. We need to doodle. We need to observe, to embrace or reject the alternatives. We need to dream. Susan Miller says "Don't let anyone tell you that daydreaming is a waste of time: the only people who would dare tell you that are people without any vision."
     Defining a vision for your future life is an exercise in imagination and emotion. When you meet with other people to explore your own dreams, the group creates a field of amplified energy where all potentials can be considered and the dream can be shaped.
     Gathering in a group to fashion VisionBoards can accelerate clarity. Taking home your hand-made visual representation of your vision anchors your goal. Making and keeping a VisionBoard helps guide your activities so that they serve progress. Each day you will be aware enough to notice the opportunities, books, websites, and people who can move you closer to the end-point you desire.
     When your VisionBoard is a part of your daily practice, and you are able to remain excited about where you are going, then the steps forward are logical and worthwhile.
     Wayne Dyer makes a mock-up of his next book’s cover, and places it on his writing desk. He says that “thinking from the end causes me to behave as if all that I'd like to create is already here. My credo is: Imagine myself to be and I shall be, and it's an image that I keep with me at all times.”
     Our deepest desires are the intentions we have brought into Human Life from our Spiritual home. Connecting with them, and revealing them on a VisionBoard, moves us into our most aligned state. From there we can do what we came here to do, and in that action we can be calm and content. 

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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