Root and Stem

           In a broadly ranging conversation over a long lunch recently, my friends and I touched on the illusion of linear time, ubiquitous sacred contracts, and the importance of contrast as we explore life in our physical form.
    We all remarked, too, how lovely it is to be able to talk about such topics, and how hard it is to keep company with people who hold worldviews that reject such talk.
    Work colleagues, friends and even family and in-laws can be judgmental and dismissive of ideas about Unseen Energy.  As someone who is very focused on understanding how the Unseen performs in my everyday, access to open minds is as necessary for me as oxygen is necessary for my cells.

[Picture shows a plain white sphere covered with clockfaces, each one set at 1.20, with a red second hand pointing to the 12]
    Ignorance is the root and stem of all evil according to Plato, and of all the ways there are to be ignorant, surely most in need of attention is our ignorance about ourselves. Finding the remedy for this should surely be easy: we are present wherever we go, we have access to our own reactions and responses and emotional feedback.
    We, alone, can identify our own feelings of vulnerability, smugness, or loneliness when they occur. When we are willing to explore, and to learn, there are lessons to be had. When we find ourselves recoiling at perceived unpleasantness, or reaching out to something attractive, we can pause and be conscious of how we are triggered. As adult humans we can analyze how much thought we apply -- or don't apply -- to the things we do.  There are clues, there. We can follow the threads of our feelings to ask more complex problems. We can find practitioners who can help uncover our Intentions.
    I have an affinity for many things Chinese. I love to visit food markets in Chinatown, and breathe in the aromas of produce and fresh fish and things I cannot name. I can lose myself in meditative bliss by closing my eyes and allowing conversations in Cantonese and Mandarin to swirl around me. I have no inkling as to the content, and I cannot interpret the mood of the cadences, yet I love it. I feel comfortable, the sound is familiar, I feel I belong.

[Picture shows the open front of a store with outdoor tables of abundant produce and bagged products, displayed in tubs and hanging from pegs on the wall.]
Lives Now

    Years ago, a practitioner helped me to explore my experiences in other lifetimes, in other times, and I was able to locate myself in Qin dynastic China. It is an aspect of my human experience that permits understanding of my current proclivities. It lets me accept myself fully.
    Knowing that linear time is only illusion, I can recognize that as my life in Canada in 2017 is happening Now, and my life in China 2200 'years ago' is happening Now, and I am also in England in the Twelfth century, Now.  It is complicated, and profoundly simple.
     There are any number of ways to learn about our selves, our memories, our ways of being. We can look at ourselves as the blossoms that we are, and follow the stem back to see where we are rooted. We can use systems and practices that will identify our roots, and learn the infinite complexities that have informed our growth. Because I have been gifted to interpret Numerology charts and connect with synchronicity, they feel like great starting places. I am clear that they are not the only places.
    If Plato is correct, and ignorance is the root and stem of all evil, then it seems to me that surely Wisdom (about ourselves, and about who we are in an infinite number of Nows,) is the root and stem of all Love.
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