Sacred Time

The idea of creating Sacred Space is often referenced in modern life. 
People who engage in Spiritual Seeking often set up a household altar or other designated spot, and use it to honour the Sacred in themselves and the world.
It can be decorated with any combination of blossoms, beads, pictures of ancestors and other articles. Any of these can be used as a focus to help us find our own centre within Sacred Space. It is a method of finding reconnexion with the Sacred Energy that surrounds and inhabits us.
Another topic of attention is Sacred Geometry. The repeating patterns of Nature teach the strong connexion among all things in the physical plane, and keys to understanding are offered by the Fibonacci sequence and Fractal Patterns.
During our Human Experience, it is also possible to uncover and engage with Sacred Time. Christine Valters Paintner has written an extensive exploration of this, in her book _In Sacred Time: Embracing an Intentional Way of Life_ .
Within the book, the author explores how Time can be measured and experienced as it exists in eight individual and related cycles: Breath, rhythms of the day, weekly rhythms and sabbath rest, the waxing and waning of lunar cycles, seasons of the year, seasons of a lifetime, ancestral time and cosmic time.
Each of us is living within these cycles yet we rarely pay attention to any of them. 

Breathwork is important, and can open up feelings of being centred in our physicality, connected to the animating Forces of Life. When I am sitting with my breath, I am not particularly aware or engaged with other cycles of time.  
Daily routines provide structure for our activities, and expand, often without thought, into weekly repeats. It is rarely possible, in modern life, to take a complete day of rest out of each cycle of seven.

Moon watching is an unusual activity for many. People who live in well lit cities have little reason to look skyward at night. Despite the natural lunar cycle of the female body, it is easy to ignore the clear and bright moon that crosses the sky every night. 
The shifting seasons of the year have frequently been featured in these pages. I am personally delighted by the constant change that can be witnessed in nature, whether living deep in the forest, or watching the tiny plants that volunteer to grow between paving stones and cracks in cement.

Every birthday is a reminder of how life repositions us, how we develop from youth to adult to senior to experienced. The phases of human life move us along a track towards becoming ancestors. For those of us who are able to gather with grandchildren and tell the stories of our own grandparents, there is a forging of links in the chain of life. These tales structure the Sacred Memories that will survive through linear time. Telling how our ancestors lived brings them back into modern life and sends them forward to a future we will not see.
  When I am able to visit a place with dark night skies, I love to look deeply into the Milky Way, imagining the suns and gasses and moons and rocks that swirl and dance. Current knowledge suggests that the universe is almost fourteen billion years old. My puny brain cannot fathom a number like that. I can only use it to see how rare and small is my life span, and from there celebrate the moment, 
I remind myself, often, to Be Here, Now.
We are always breathing. It is always today and this week and this season. The moon and the stars are forever wheeling across the sky, and we differ from the ancestors only because they have ceased aging.  
In whatever way we approach the passage of time, whatever scale or cycle we use as a focus, it is in Sacred Time that we find access to the Deep Now.

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