Sense and Feeling

      The human body, although undeniably a physical thing, has a limited range of abilities with which to perceive the  world.
      The planet is populated with diverse creatures which have very different ways of extracting information from the environment. Each species is equipped to receive input from the world in a very specific way.
     Not every sound is audible to all animals. Human hearing detects sounds in the audio or sonic frequencies, typically between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. Dogs, on the other hand, can hear much higher ultra-sonic tones, between 40,000 and 60,000 Hz, and elephants can detect infra-sonic sounds as low as 14 to 16 Hz.
     Sound is not always process by ears and hearing: snakes can sense infra-sound through their jaws; some fish hear through a bony connection between the ear and their swim bladder.
     Birds of prey can see farther and perceive more colours than humans. Their vision, if we could experience it, would magnify objects in our line of sight, and allow us to stand on top of a ten-story building and easily focus on a single ant on the ground.
     In addition, many birds and animals can use magnetoception: sensing the Earth's magnetic field to orient themselves. This is how homing pigeons return to their roosts, and migratory animals navigate their range.
     Magnetoception provides information about direction, altitude or location, and it is even present in bacteria; arthropods; molluscs as well as  vertebrates. While full understanding of this sense is still being researched, there are indications that the Earth's magnetosphere can be perceived through mechanical means, electrical induction, or chemical receptors. Not all animals have the same way of processing information, and in migratory birds there are additional, light-dependent receptors which allow birds to see magnetic fields to gain directional information.
     Just as there are many ways for physical beings to connect with the energies of sound or magnetism so there are many routes to other Unseen energies. Suggestions that magnetoception might be present in humans are contentious, and yet most of us have met someone with a well-developed or uncanny sense of direction.
    There are stories dating back through all of human history, including today, of people who can detect information in ways that we don't always understand.
    We know with certainty that magnetic fields exist; that sound and electricity and winds exist despite our inability to perceive them directly with our eyes. It is not unreasonable to expect that there is more to the world and the Cosmos than we experience physically and explicitly.
     There are numerous ways of tapping into the Unseen realms: each of us will have a unique search and find unique revelations when we engage with this as a part of our personal work.
     Systems abound. Seekers who have gone before have shared the maps that helped them find their destination. Some are useful and some are not, and it is worth remembering that a bad map is not a sign to avoid the journey.
     All the paths on the mountain lead to the peak. Life intentions can be found through any of myriad systems.
     For myself, my Numerology chart has been a revelation about the design I imposed on my life before my arrival in the physical. Because this works so well for me, I want to share the techniques with others, trusting that they too will find the underlying structure that holds their life together, even when the current moment feels chaotic or confusing.

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