Seven Everyday Sevens

     Regular readers know well that 2014 is carrying a numerological vibration of Seven. (2+0+1+4=7)
     In the Number Cycle, Seven is the first of the numbers on the Spiritual Plane, arriving after the Physical and Emotional Plane numbers have completed. Seven and Nine are the two digits which help us to understand expression of Unseen energies in the world. In the flow of the cycle, they are separated by the Eight. Eight is an access point to the Mental Plane, and when drawn horizontally it is the mathematical symbol for infinity.
    Today I have chosen seven Sevens that shape life.
     In this physical world, the number Seven is omnipresent. We name the land-masses of the earth as the Seven Continents: Africa; Antarctica; Asia; Australia; Europe; North America and South America.
     In between the continents we divide the waters into Seven seas. In modern times we usually think of those as the Arctic, Antarctic, North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Indian Oceans¸ revealing an understanding of global oceanography, and ignoring the hundred or more “seas” named on recent maps.
     The first known reference to Seven Seas is over four thousand years old, and appears in a hymn to the goddess Inanna. Recorded by the Sumerian Enheduanna, the hymn was written at a time when the Seven Seas were likely to be those labelled Adriatic; Arabian; Black; Caspian; Indian; Mediterranean; and Red.
     Vital to the existence of any life on earth is light. The light we see with physical eyes is divided into a spectrum by our brains. As a result of this astonishing ability, we are able to detect a spectrum of seven colours: red; orange; yellow; green; blue; indigo; and violet. 
    Sight is vital to the human physical experience, and so is sound. Through the generations we have developed ways to preserve and reproduce the noises we can observe or create. A system to communicate these sounds exists in the West as the repeating seven notes of the musical scale.
        The human body is animated by unseen energies, which have been interpreted into systems of Seven.
    The Seven Chakras are centres of energy which enliven our bodily existence. The Root Chakra is located in the tailbone area, and connects us to the very survival of our physical selves. The second, or Sacral Chakra is deep within the belly about 2 inches below the navel. It gives life to our creative abilities.
    Third is the Solar Plexus Chakra in the upper abdomen. It holds our feelings of self-confidence and informs our self-expression.
    The Heart Chakra is located in the chest, and it connects us to the non-physical experiences of love, joy, inner peace.
    The Throat Chakra is the seat of communication.
    The Third Eye Chakra, located behind the centre forehead helps us to focus intuition, and imagination. When we engage this sixth Chakra we connect to cosmic wisdom and intentional memory.
    Seventh is the Crown Chakra, at the top of the skull. This is the place of bliss and understanding. This is where Spirit enters into our knowledge.
    The seven Chakras are not the only Unseen energies of the human body. There are also at least seven layers of the aura: the envelope in which we live.
If you place one hand just a fraction of an inch from your skin, you will feel the heat that is generated by your body. That surrounding space of warmth encloses you in a layer called the Physical Aura. As you move away from the physical, there are other layers which are less easy to detect, and which some energy workers and healers can see, and manipulate.
    Moving away from the skin, the second layer is an etheric or aetheric body, which provides the connexion between the physical and non-physical.
    Third is the emotional layer sits about 25 to 75 millimeters (one to three inches) away from the skin. It is here that emotional blocks reside, creating obstructions to full expression of life-force.
    The fourth is a mental layer which stores thought-forms. It is the place where inspiration resides, awaiting conscious attention.
    Fifth: the causal aura is inhabited by intention and sacred contracts. The memories of all other life experiences are stored here. 
    The sixth is the Spiritual aura, which is bright, and is seen in art as haloes or glowing light around subjects deemed to be holy.
    The Seventh is the Divine layer of the aura. It differentiates each human individual existence by anchoring the presence of the Source of All Things within the personal field.
       The final Seven I choose for today is the unavoidable structure of the calendar. The seven day week is a reality we rarely think about. Over the centuries it has emerged as a logical and sensible arrangement. We unthinkingly conform to the weekly shape of Seven.
       Seven energy links our humanity to Spirit. When we engage in the explorations that Seven allows, our Spiritual expression is enhanced. July is the seventh month, and in this Seven year it will offer the potential for life-altering growth and understanding of the human condition.
       At least seven events in July will celebrate this energy. I very much hope you will include them in your plans.

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