Shifting Self to Shift the World

     A global Shift in consciousness is taking place, and it may be affecting you in a number of ways. Jim Malloy suggests that the energy of Shift can make life feel harder to enjoy than in the past. Emotional intensity and racing thoughts may fill your mind and feed a sense of anxiety. Physically you may be tense or compelled to stay busy. Impatience and urgency and obsessions might jockey for your attention, and sometimes there is a swing from optimism to pessimism; from joy to despair.
     If you recognize some of this occurring in your life, celebrate that the Consciousness Shift is present for you. With your attention you can align yourself to the very positive outcomes that are available.
     The consciousness which defines the ongoing Spiritual Shift exists whether or not we are connected with it, and awareness is key to benefitting from the changes. Willingness to being present with what is and what will be can move us along the path.
     As we actively engage with Shift energy we can magnify our progress through the transition. Harnessing Numerological vibrations provides a simple-to-follow framework.
     One is the number of the Self: of human existence. You will not engage with the best of Shift energy unless you fully commit. Remind yourself that you are here, now, because you have a role to play in the Shift. Focus on your behaviour and reactions – this is where the Shift will be revealed: through your life and your example.
     Two is the number of relationship. Shift energy will be illustrated when you look people in the eye, when you listen with attention and you treat all others as equals.
     The creative urge of physical life is embodied by the number Three. As you engage Shift energy you will become more generous. Sharing in a cooperative way of life has been out of fashion in this society; it is returning.
     The foundation on which we build our future is described by Four energy: solid, stable and reliable. As an aspect of the Shift, our foundation will be Unconditional Love, for ourselves as well as others.
     Language and communication are key to any societal change. How we speak and write changes how we are seen. Expressing and teaching new concepts while remaining careful and respectful is a way that Five Energy contributes to Shift.
     Six is the number of service: kindness has been lost in many of the systems that currently make up our day. Economics does not measure kindness. Educational outcomes do not calculate gentle human interactions. As we Shift individually, acts of kind service will become a natural part of our way of being
     As we learn to move through the world without judgment, we will be allowing the Seven energy of Spiritual Presence to manifest. Spirit underlies all Shift thinking.
     Eight is the sign of the infinite, the out and in of energy. The loops of the Eight can remind us of our breath, without which we cannot remain in human form. While we are here, the going-out and returning of forgiveness can change the shape of all our relationships and behaviours.
     Ora Nadrich says that as we Shift we must ‘Consider everyone on the planet your spiritual family.’ This is a wonderful definition of the Numerological Nine. Nine contains all the other Numbers, and carries the vibration of Wholeness and Completion. There is only one family of the planet.
     The Number cycle offers a simple way to check in and ensure that we are living up to our commitment to promoting the Shift by being present and active in every moment.  

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