Showing Seven

    I have a great many conversations with my clients about the eternal nature of the Human Soul. I have lengthy discussions, too, about the role of challenge in life, and the instinct some people have to avoid situations they perceive as difficult. Very often this topic comes up when we are discussing the Numerology of the Number Seven, and the teaching energy that it can unlock.

[Picture shows a rider on horseback clearing a show jump]
    Most people have heard the idea that we are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, but rather Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. It is something we heard as adults rather than when we were growing up, either within or without organized religious congregations and communities.
   Recently I was discussing the nature of Seven as the Teacher, and I was inspired to use the example of horses and show jumping.
   There is a world of show jumping about which I know almost nothing. I have seen televised Olympic competitions, and little else. I do, however, admire the work and practice and dedication that the participants expend. Caring for a horse is a major commitment: training it for show becomes a way of life.
   Horses learn to jump the fences they face. There are all manner of variations, with names like Oxer and Liverpool, Vertical, Crossrail and Wall. The order of obstacles on any two courses will be different and the path of approach varies as well.

[Picture shows a diagram of the course lay-out for a show jumping competition]
   There is lots of information on Pinterest boards, and the Show Ring Ready blog  gives some information about the way an event is mapped. There are twists and turns which reminded me of the labyrinth path, which is such an apt metaphor for the journey of life.
   I wondered what if we imagine ourselves to be horses and our human life is like a show jumping event?
   We face challenges. There may not be tall hedges and wide barrels, or water-filled ditches and distracting, colourful poles. We face complex relationships and economic adjustments, educational and career requirements, diagnoses, the grief and loss of death.
   The growth that comes from these demands are lessons vital to our Human Intentions. Still, as we inhabit our physical perspective, we often resist or attempt to avoid the very circumstances that are growth opportunities.

[Picture shows juvenile rider on horseback clearing a low show jump]
    Perhaps if we reframe our view of the path ahead, we can embrace more easily the conditions that will feed our souls. If that interview is simply a fence to jump on my way forward, I need not get stressed, I need only count it as a part of my path. The same is true when we delay filing for divorce, or making a declaration of love, or sending away our manuscript. The forward direction is on the other side. We can balk or falter at any fence, but life will cycle it back. Just as the jumps are the very reason for the horse and rider to leave the stable and compete, so the bumpos along the road of life are the very reason that you have chosen the Human Experience.
    The greatest teachings come with Seven Energy, and Seven reappears in every turn of the Number Cycle. Seven is present with strength in Personal Years and Personal Months, and once every nine days. You may have Seven vibrating in your field with extra intensity – many of my clients have a Seven on at least one Major Point of their chart.
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