Sift and Sort

One of the expressions frequently used in the teachings of Abraham Hicks is ‘sift and sort’.
The idea is that we can discover the direction in which we are called to move when we sift and sort through our experiences and perceptions.
To be successful in this endeavour is to be aware of the many possibilities. Everyday we are granted multiple options, and we are called to examine and compare the variations that are offered and available to us. 
When we are attuned to our emotional and physical responses, we can look around a room of people and instinctively recognize which ones we would sort in to our future, and which ones we would sift out and leave behind.
This is true in all aspects of life: when we are being present with what is there, and recognizing what else is there, we can choose. We can sort through and prioritize and move in the direction that seems most likely to serve our own Soul Growth.
It is worth remembering that, as S. N. Goenka wrote <Whether pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral, gross or subtle, every sensation shares the same characteristic: it arises and passes away, arises and passes away.> 
We are never trapped in one place or one emotion or one impulse. Life is change, and as we connect consciously to the changing path ahead of us, we are able to engage with what is, and influence what will be.
This summer has been a time of transition for me.
I am in a seven personal year, so it is no surprise that the Universe chose to redirect me from where I was, comfortable (and maybe a little lazy) and shift me into a new home, a new community, and a new way of being.
One of the many gifts of this change has been the chance to literally sift through my physical belongings and sort out what is still of value to me, and what I can release for others to enjoy.
As a part of this, I have been able to organize and enjoy the contents of some boxes that have been packed away for a long time. I was designated ‘family archivist’ at some point in my youth, and as a result hundreds of photographs and documents have accumulated in my possession.
This summer I am discovering and gathering them into chronological order, and seeing the story of my family unfold. 
I have birth, marriage, and death certificates. I have pictures of babies and brides and graves. I have reminders of the notable moments of my life, and pictures that track the aging of my face -- alongside many others.
The oldest page I have found (so far) is the 1898 birth certificate of the woman I called Nanna. Her story unfolds with a photograph when she was three years old, and another when she was 21. 
I was blessed to have four grandparents until I was 28 years old. As a result I have heard their stories, some of which were even written down. 
The act of sorting these papers, this proof of life, has brought me to sift through my understanding of myself. What expectations were heaped on Baby Me? How did I conform to the requirements of the doting adults in the pictures taken on the day of my Christening? Which sensations arose in me and did not pass away?
The sifting and sorting does not stop when I am away from the envelopes and pages. Looking back through the details is a wonderful reason for looking within. Sifting and sorting my responses and reactions is an expansive experience. Coming to an understanding of my perceptions is a doorway into empathy for others, which is a large part of my chosen way of being, and informs my practice, every day.      

I have been practising Numerology and accessing the power of synchronicity as clients move through through life changes since the 1980s.
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