Six Lessons Honouring Dr. Masaru Emoto

     On October 17, 2014, Dr. Masaru Emoto made his transition out of physical life.
     He has been lauded as a legendary researcher, author and an emissary for global peace.  In 2012, he was listed number 18 of the world's 100 most spiritually influential people on the planet, and there is no estimate for the number of people he taught, influenced and enlightened during his 71 years in human form.
     His last word was "Arigato". ("Thank you" in Japanese). His staff said they believe his last word “was to you, everybody. He was so grateful for you and thanked you all so very much.” His funeral took place on October 21st, 2014. It was a rainy day – perhaps water was mourning, too.
     Today there are six splendid lessons which grow from Dr. Emoto’s teachings.
     Water Underlies Life. Whether they are researching our own moon or moons and planets they have detected in other solar systems, NASA and the ESA and other SETI projects all seek the presence of water as the first step towards considering any environment suitable for “life”. Water is seen by western science as absolute necessity for the development of any kind of living entity.
     Water Amplifies: Dr. Emoto taught that water is capable of reflecting our communication. Water can amplify our emotions and can show us the impact of human thought and activity on the physical world. This is seen in the contrasting crystal shapes resulting from natural and treated water; water exposed to different kinds of music; and water subjected to intense emotional input. The most famous example of this is his rice jar experiment, where steamed rice in sealed jars was exposed to either love or derision. The rice in the jar which was consistently called ‘foolish’ and ‘stupid’ rotted and moulded rapidly, while the rice told it was lovely and loved remained fresh much longer.
     We are One: New Technology moves us towards a unified society. Television first brought the world together in the live, international, satellite television production on 25 June 1967. Artists from nineteen nations performed for an audience estimated at 400 million people, and the Beatles debuted their song "All You Need Is Love". Today the internet allows the entire global population to share real time events routinely, and the oneness of physical life is reflected in the Oneness of experiential life. We can share emotional responses to events and music and speeches and horrors as they occur. This amplifies the energetic field, and we are well advised to resist the calls to fear and extend the calls to love.
     Peace: Dr. Emoto recognized the potential for his work to move the global community into a vibration of peace. He saw that by working with water and spreading the frequency of love and peace to the entire water body of the planet, then vibrations of fear and division could be eroded away. Although he was well aware that he would not see the fruition of this work, he expanded his ministry to children. Dr. Emoto authored “The Message from Water” children’s version, which was printed in over 75 countries and is available free of charge here:
     Sacred Geometry is Ubiquitous: This recent picture of the great hexagonal formation at Saturn’s pole reinforces the unity of physical matter.
image saturn
     There are Lines to Cross or Not: During the last few weeks, I met someone holding and expressing ideas which I absolutely reject. This person had crossed my line of tolerance and acceptance, and I am confronted with my own judgemental response. When I first encountered Dr. Emoto's work, it made complete sense to me, even though water crystal work is often dismissed as being beyond the realm of good sense. No doubt my new acquaintance finds complete sense in this particular field, and I am required to examine and expand the limits of my tolerance.
     In the meantime, I will continue Water Crystal teaching to the best of my ability, and take forward the knowledge of all that Dr. Emoto has taught me.

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