Spirit in Dialogue

     I was asked a question about repetitive number combinations this week. (Thank you! JD)
     There are online groups made up of people who discuss how they often see 11:11 and believe it to be important.  They see it on clocks and watches; on gas pumps; on cash registers; on the number plates of vehicles driving by. Most of the sites dedicated to 11:11 call it a ‘message from angels’, and an instruction to pay attention to what is happening.
     I would never suggest otherwise.
     “Angel” is not a word that I use in my work. Yet as a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so information and guidance from the Unseen may be labelled angelic.
     Names like guides or Spirit guides; power animals; Divine messengers; intuition; Cosmic vibrations; the still small voice: any of these can refer to the same phenomenon as the word angel.
     The Unseen realm is constantly in communication with our human forms. Our greatest task, when we want to tap into the wisdom of the Unseen, is to learn to take notice.
     My path has led me to Numerology, and it is through Numbers that I am most able to access knowledge and insight.
     I have not been besieged by 11:11 in my life. I have been bombarded with Nines and Fives and Sevens. These are on the major points of my Numerology chart, and they have appeared, in various combinations, on post office boxes; telephones; houses; important page numbers; car registrations and any number of financial documents, as well as frequent digital clock displays.
     When I was a child, both sets of my grandparents were living in one town. We would visit from our distant home, and activities and accommodations would be named by the number of the house in question. We might be having lunch at 108 and then going to 414 for tea. My maternal grandparents lived at 414, and my father’s family at 108. Each of these numbers totals Nine, albeit in very different ways, and both numbers remain present in my life.
     108 continues to be important. In the Hindu-Buddhist sphere, 108 is most sacred, and it appears in many religious and philosophical practices. It is the number of repetitions of a chanted mantra, and the number of beads on a string to track that chant. Chanting Sanskrit mantras is part of my daily ritual, and I never count the 108 repetitions without thoughts of my grandparents filtering into my awareness.
     In 1990 I was able to make a pilgrimage to the Eastern Quebec area where my in-laws had settled. I wanted to see the church and the memorial sites of the family, and as we crossed the province on the only available major highway, Exit 414 led to the village, and I reconnected to the energies of the house where I spent so much of my young life.
     I have also enjoyed some short-term periods of repetitions. Between 2008 and 2012 I often looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:13.  I noticed without troubling to interpret the message until, in September of 2012, I moved to the Ottawa region, where the telephone area code is 613. [Six for family, One for a new way of being; Three for creating that newness. The One total for the new start.].
     In the movie The Shift, Wayne Dyer talks about the Quantum Moment he experienced, decades ago, when his path turned and he became a non-drinker. He was awake in the night, and he says he still remembers the digital clock flipping to 4:05. As a number with a Nine total, this marked the completion of a phase of his life. The Four is a number of practical application; the Zero represents the whole; and the Five is a number of change and growth. The exactly correct energy is encoded in that time-signature, and despite the passage of years, he always includes it when he tells the story.
     When we become aware of repeating numbers and number combinations, we are granted a peek into the Unseen energies that surround us and will support us when we ask. 11:11 is clearly a message of One energy: of beginnings and also of Self. 11:11 points us to ourselves as the centre of our own lives, and it invites us to look within – maybe for the first time. 11:11 also adds up to Four, and Four energy is very stable and solid and reliable.
     For someone acting on the call of 11:11, no matter how confused or difficult may be life in the moment, Four energy promises that there is structure within. If you have noticed 11:01 or 1:11, then Three energy -- and the creativity it carries – is asking to be expressed.
     Spirit is constantly communicating with us.  Our task is to engage in the dialogue; to hear what is being offered; and to allow Spirit to flow into our lives.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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