Surrounded by Sevens.

     Although I do my best to be aware of the Seven energy which is present for all of 2014,** once in a while something reminds me quite forcefully of the massive spiritual power that Seven energy carries.
     I am in a Two personal year, and thus May is my personal month with a Seven vibration**. While I know from experience that the important lessons I am granted this month will be most apparent in retrospect, I am on the look-out for growth opportunities.
     The power of Seven energy is omnipresent at a global level, not only in Western society or modern times.
    In the Book of Genesis, the Creator rested on the Seventh day, knowing that the world and all its realms were complete.
     In Judaism there are seven patriarchs, (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David) and the Menorah (candlestick) has seven branches.
     In Christianity, seven is the number of the Deadly Sins (lust, avarice, envy, pride, sloth, gluttony and wrath) which are reflected in the seven terraces of Mount Purgatory. There are seven sacraments in the Roman Catholic faith (Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Confession, Marriage, Holy Orders, and the Anointing of the Sick), and in the Book of Revelation, there are seven heads to “the beast” and  some other monsters, like the hydra.
      In Islamic tradition there are seven earths, and seven heavens.
     Scandinavian legends tell of seven oxen pulling the chariot of the sun across the sky; the Sumerian goddess Inanna crossed seven gateways during her descent into the underworld; and there are seven palms in an Egyptian Sacred Cubit.
     The seven principles of Bushido (rectitude; courage; benevolence; politeness; veracity; honour; and loyalty) make up a system observed by Samurai of Japan since time immemorial.
     So-called New Age teachings include many very ancient wisdoms. There are said to be seven chakras, or energy centres, in the human body. The Earth is composed of seven chakras, and it is located in the seventh super-universe. Our human selves are composed of seven bodies: physical; etheric; emotional; causal; mental; the body of divine vitality and the body of divine spirit. The etheric body is installed at the age of seven, when it has completely developed.
     This last is a concept reflected in the well-known saying attributed to St. Francis Xavier “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man”. Film-maker Michael Apted has spent half a century exploring the truth of that concept, and his results can be seen in his Seven-Up film series.
     We have seven days in our week; seven wonders of the world.
     Sir Isaac Newton identified 7 colors of the light spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet).
      There are seven bodies in the heavens which are visible to the naked eye (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun and Moon).
     Agent 007 (James Bond) is an archetype of great power.
     As July approaches, the seventh month in this Seven year,**  we are all moving forward through Spiritual events and relationships and lessons. We may choose our level of engagement: we are free to ignore potential Spiritual growth if we wish.
     For those who are actively Seeking, and who are participating in this astonishing and complex life, the Seven energy of the year will combine with our individual vibrations to make SoulGrowth, and alignment with our intended destinies unfold naturally into personal progress.

**The Calculations:
2014 = Seven because 2+0+1+4=7
Two personal year +Fifth month = Seven personal month
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