Synchronicity; Inspiration; Remembering

    Although this website has my name as its domain, it is called Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom. I have a Facebook page by the same name, and I don’t often talk about the nature of the title.

     When I was beginning to emerge from my grief at being widowed, I connected with a Spiritual Centre near my home. I was interested in promoting my long-standing numerology practice to their clients.

     The owner and I had some discussions, and I attended some events. The owner offered to include a link to my website from hers. The only small drawback was that I didn’t have a website. At least, I didn’t until later that afternoon! – I really, really wanted to be associated with the only Spiritual Centre in the region.

      At that time, I was most interested in promoting Numerology, and the I Ching Coin Oracle which I had been reading since the 1980s. Although I had several other areas of interest and expertise, I was not ready to list them in public. I wanted my offerings to have a sharp-point, while allowing for expansion as time went by.

      I have forgotten the many possibilities that I entered into a search engine. Most of them were already in use.

     Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom was an inspired idea, by which I mean that I can take no credit for it. It arrived fully formed, it felt exactly correct, and the search engine returned no site by that name. I went ahead with it and by the end of the day I had a simple web page and a link sent off to the Spiritual Centre.

     All went to plan. I connected with clients; took a room once a week at the centre; and facilitated evening sessions and assorted workshops.

     It was a few months later that the Labyrinth called to me.

     In early 2008, flipping through a magazine, an article about garden labyrinths jolted me into a whole new way of being.

     I knew without doubt that I was to work with labyrinths. I knew that this was part of my life work. I knew this was not about training now and being public later, this was to start in the very moment of realization.I had suddenly remembered a life intention.

     For a nano-second I felt concern that my online presence would not reflect this new modality. Until my brain engaged. Exploring Paths. Could there be a better name for a labyrinth practice? I think not!

     Since that wonderful day, I have become a Labyrinth Facilitator, trained and certified by Veriditas. I have helped install many temporary labyrinths and a couple of permanent ones. I have travelled with a portable canvas 5-circuit Cretan labyrinth, and offered classes about the Myth of Theseus and Ariadne, and other aspects of this wonderful work.

     On Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom in FaceBook  I post pictures and quotes about pathways and journeys and turns in the road. The page provides reminders about travels through life, and the gifts that come from mindfulness and engagement.  

      It is an ongoing prompt to my readers to pause, reflect and examine the path of life. It calls for them to engage in the business of being Here and Now. It requires introspection.

     The Paths to Cosmic Wisdom exist whether we walk them or not. The Exploration moves us into the work that we have incarnated to do.

     There are so very many ways to voyage through the days and months and years. My hope is that we all explore and investigate and delve into as many possibilities as we can.

     Cosmic Wisdom resides within each of us, and there are many way to access it. A few of them can be found right here.