Teacher and Teachings

     Dr. Wayne Dyer made his transition out of the physical realm this week. He has been an important teacher for me, and I have no reason to think that will change.

     I was away from home when I heard the news. When I returned, there on my desk was was my copy of his book Living the Wisdom of the Tao: The Complete Tao Te Ching and Affirmations. On my bedside table is my unread copy of Wishes Fulfilled. I bought it in 2011, a pre-release purchase, months before it was published. It was part of a special package available to attendees at an event in Boston where I had gone to learn from Dr. Dyer, and be with hundreds of others who shared the desire to be taught by this man. Some of the people I met there are still present in my life.

     Although my meeting with him was small and fleeting, I cannot count how many hundreds of hours Wayne Dyer has spoken to me from PBS specials; DVDs; CD s and online programs. His books have allowed him to accompany me on trips and moves and visits and duties, and at times he has read his own books to me. His voice has guided visualizations which have changed my relationship with life. I have heard interviews and I have learnt from the examples he set.

     A few brief months after my life-partner made the transition out of the physical realm, PBS broadcast their pledge-week fund-raiser Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. I was in a time of adjustment, re-evaluating my life and reinventing a future for myself, unexpectedly alone. It was exactly the correct time for me to connect deeply with the concept of self-determination, and I am grateful for the way it happened.

     As time has passed I have been blessed to draw on more and more of his direct teachings, and also some ofthe skills and philosophies that underlie his work.

     Symphony is one of the six sense of the conceptual age. Wayne Dyer was expert: synthesizing unified narratives from multiple sources. He has drawn on the literature and teachings of global cultures across thousands of years. He quotes form the Torah and the Bagevad Gita in the same presentation as as poems by 13th century Persian poet Rumi and 20th century American poet T.S. Eliot. He wove biblical quotes and ideas from A Course in Miracles into the truth of his own lived experience, which he shared generously and sometimes humbly.

     Always expanding his outreach he participated in the film The Shift, making himself available to the many non-readers who might benefit. I have two copies of The Shift: I can lend it out and never be without it.

     Somehow, with each viewing I see some new jewel of truth, some wisdom that I had not seen or had forgotten; an idea I did not need before.

     No doubt there are Dyer manuscripts in the publishing pipline which will soon grace our bookshelves and bedside tables. I am sorry that no new works will be forthcoming as the world changes and there are new ways to describe the eternal truths.

     I am comforted with the idea that while any one of his followers continues to live out his philosophy, he is not silenced.

     Wayne Dyer is in the dimensionless world of thought which is our Source. We are in the presence of Source. We remain as One.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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