The Energies that Enclose your Name

     As a tool for self help and personal understanding a Numerology chart is unparalleled.
     Numerology charts are a little like onions: once the outer layer is revealed and enjoyed, the presence of the next can be discerned, inviting you forward. Each layer adds to the richness, deepens the experience, and leads you toward the heart. A small amount of onion can enhance the flavour of a soup, and a little Numerology can untangle and make sense of some of life’s mystery.
     There are four or five major numbers which teach a great deal about the intended life being charted.
     Then there is a layer of sub-totals. There are annual shifts, some on a birthday when age changes, and others that move when the year changes. A personal calendar reveals how the different parts of a name combine to indicate the dominant vibration for any given year.
     There are calculations which lead to an understanding of the energies expressing through the physical, mental, emotional and intuitive planes. There is a formula which uncovers Points of Intensification which identify specific lessons you are here to learn in the Human Experience.
     There are ways that your date-of-birth can be parsed to uncover the challenges and sub-paths concealed within, allowing preparation for times when obstacles and opportunities will arise.
     Do It Yourself Mini-Reading
     A simple peek into a name can be found in the first and last letters. Just as bookends need to be the correct size and weight for the books on the shelf. Likewise the first and last letters give clues to all the frequencies of the name within. Using the name as it was given at birth, understanding the first letter of the first name, and the last letter of the last name, can give some basic insight into the life being lived.
     The first letter of the first name is called the Cornerstone Letter. Like the cornerstone of a building, it is the all-important first placement upon which all following vibrations will rest.
     The Cornerstone sets the mood for the name: it indicates which energies will be engaged in your approach to the ups and downs of life.
     The last letter of the last name is called the Capstone letter. This contains clues to your abilities in completions and finishing, and it articulates the level of resilience. In stone architecture, a capstone is a protective piece that forms the top of a wall. A capstone is shaped to help shed water and protect the structure below. Similarly, the last letter of the last name offers support when coping with stress.
     The rudimentary list below will help you to create a quick interpretation of the Cornerstone and Capstone frequencies in your own name and the names of people around you.

     A,J,S,      independence, leadership,
     B,K,T,     diplomacy, warmth,
     C,L,U,     creativity, originality,
     D,M,V,     practicality, trustworthy,
     E,N,W,     adaptability, dynamism,
     F,O,X,     compassion, responsibility,
     G,P,Y,     tolerance, diligence,
     H,Q,Z,     striving, authoritative,
     I,R,          idealistic, generous,

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