The Freedom of Spirit (continued)

Each of us is a Spiritual entity having a Human Experience, and that identity is formulated in all four of the planes of life: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.
As a child of the last century, I was born into a population which spent a thousand years with a predominant One energy.  Every birth-date included that vibration. 
One carries an understanding of self, the ability to connect with a core identity and ego, it is with One that we can say "This is me, I know who I am."
In the 1900s we saw people coming to terms with the Power of the Individual, and the Rights of the Individual
We were able to understand the interconnectedness of the planet when we saw a photograph taken from outside our atmosphere. 

I have been blessed to live as a Numerologist as the calendar made the colossal shift into this new millennium.
Now that every birth-date begins with a Two, that Two Energy shapes people born since the year 2000, and they have a very different way of being in the world. 
These people arrive with knowledge that we older people had to learn, and they are predisposed to living as part of networks and teams and groups, both in person and connected through technology. Their sense of themselves as individuals is often an interpretation of the role they play in a larger group, not an independent or solitary state.
Children of the 2000s see themselves, the world and the Universe in terms of relationships: how people and things relate to each other. 
It was my great good fortune this month to attend the Rainbow Youth Forum in a nearby school district. 
I was moved to tears by the young people in attendance, most of them born in this century. Their humanity and kindness and compassion were balanced by their certainty that they did not belong to a simplistic gender binary that is defined by the functions of reproduction.
On that day, at that conference, the difficulties and stigmas that may be present in other areas of life were replaced by pride and the comfortable feeling that follows just being oneself: feeling oneself right, thinking oneself right, and moving through the world in that right-ness. While few of them would articulate it as I do, they are living proof that Spirit Has No Gender.
As society is unable to impose roles on individuals in order to serve some great system, so the Spiritual energy is able to maintain its unseen shape. The natural flow of love and compassion and creativity refuses to be confined any mythical and contrived limits of the physical body.

A generation now grows up rejecting the idea that they are enslaved by the physical shell which houses their Soul.
I find that I can only marvel at the beauty and wisdom of these young people. They are moving the family of the planet towards a place of Soul Growth.  They will be our connexion with the Infinite and Unconditional Love of the Creative Source.
Everyone who arrives in the physical is here to change the world. This cohort is freeing up hundreds and thousands of people who have been prevented from fully expressing the vast goodness that is theirs. All of our futures are enhanced by their contribution.

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