The Karma Days of August

     When I first encountered Numerology on a radio program, my immediate reaction was to find a book and learn more. Reading about Numbers and chart preparation was not so much a learning process as it was a remembering. The techniques felt simple and logical, and I was very soon making charts and discoveries.    
     Numerology has been my natural way of being in the world since 1983, and like any natural function, remaining mindful of the Numbers is often a task for me.
     Anyone who has practiced conscious breathing will recognize how easily the mind can slip away from the breath; the body continues to breathe and yet the consciousness is distracted. Numerology is like that for me. Despite my practice and my knowledge and even the fact that I am working on charts for clients, sometimes I just don’t check in and remain alert to the influences at play in my daily life. This past week presents a case in point.
     When any two of the numbers of a day, month and year are the same, there is special energy present.
     This is a Seven year, and the entire month of July was vibrating with the Seven. Three times the day, month and year numbers were all the same.
     In August, the days which carry a specific vibrational power happen in pairs.
     The 7th of this month echoed the Seven of the year, and the 8th day duplicated the Eight of the month. Thus we had two days in a row with explicitly karmic vibrations. This pattern will repeat twice more: on the 16th and 17th and on the 25th and 26th. On these six days, we will be granted the possibility to progress our karma.
     I spent a lot of time writing about the July Seven, and my own experience with it was intense. While I was processing that, and living my life, I forgot to delve into the details of August. Therefore I am looking at the 7th and 8th in hindsight.
     Just as losing focus doesn’t stop breathing from continuing, so the Numbers are working whether or not we are paying attention. I am in a Two personal year, which means that the focus of my personal growth this year will be in the area of relationships. I often tell my clients that their most important relationship is with the person in the mirror, and this is true for me, too. This year has already offered me new people as colleagues and friends; new ways to improve my business relationships; and adjustments in my personal life – including with the woman in the mirror!
     July closed out a cycle that began for me last September, and the One energy of my August marks the beginning of a new sequence, firmly anchored in the Spiritual growth which is available to everyone in the Seven of 2014.
     Without making conscious connexion with my chart or personal calendar I spent the 7th and 8th engaged in pursuits which reflect the nature of a One personal month in a Two personal year, while linking me with people, concepts and lessons which are foundational to my intention for this lifetime.
     On the 7th I spent time with people in person and electronically. I linked to friends and advisors and teachers. I enjoyed social time as well as counsel on the processing of the Agape download which has defined this cycle.
     I was part way through a course I have been taking with Osho, and the theme for the day was Love. I also began a new online course about the nature of the physical universe, and met my responsibilities with the assignments.
     On the 8th I spoke at length with other friends and teachers, learning, as always, from their wisdom. Osho’s lesson was about living in joy. Throughout the day I connected with family and the village where I live, attending the launch of a new artistic endeavour. I meditated on the nature of the universe and realized that it can be characterized as an expression of the Cosmic Love which contains the physical world, which conceals the wisdom of eternity – a Mobius of thought!
     Despite the absence of any conscious awareness of the specific numerological power on the 7th and 8th, my path was aligned with my chart. The relationship-centeredness of my Two personal year has been reinforced by letters and messages from people seeking my help, inviting me to re-connect, or announcing imminent arrivals. August is a new beginning for me after the releases of July, and my firsts and launches and beginnings confirm that.
     I am excited to see what comes next, and fully aware that staying present in the vibration requires effort. Being in the flow enhances the days immeasurably and I will be especially alert on the 16th and 17th – unless, as happens in breath-work, I forget.
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