The Story Code

     Story, as a concept and as a sense, is very important to the work I do, and the way I interpret the world.
     Intentions are encoded in the Calendar portion of a Numerology chart, and as the past portion of the calendar grows longer, so the stories connected with them become more numerous and insights are revealed.
     I once made charts for two sisters, and one of them had a profound change happening in the year that she was four-years-old. When her elder sister heard this she announced 'Nothing special happened that year'. The younger one was incensed: “Nothing Happened? That was the year that Dad went into the hospital ...”  She described in great detail her upset and distress and the ways in which her life had changed because of that event. There was no hesitation for her, she knew exactly what had happened, decades earlier.
     Some memories are not so accessible. I once asked a sixty-year-old client if there had been a negative influence on her when she was 14. She looked at me blankly and claimed she didn't think so, she had very few memories of that period. We moved forward on the calendar, into her twenties, and saw that the years of her marriage and the birth of her first child were recorded in the Numbers. All of a sudden she burst into tears. “Nobody knows,” she told me. “Nobody knows,” and she proceeded to unburden herself of a secret she had kept for forty-six years, about something negative that had happened soon after her 14th birthday.
     It is true that hindsight is 20/20. A “big change” in the past is easier to identify than one coming up next year. We know whether the calendar of our history is telling us about a trip we took or a bereavement or a new career. When we know how that combination of numbers played out in the past, we can narrow down the possibilities it represents when we see it appearing in the near future.
     Part of my work in preparation of a full chart is to create a grid for the calendar, and you can do it for yourself. The grid is usually very wide: the top row has a cell for each year of life-experience, and maybe five additional to allow a peek into the future. For most of my clients this means fifty or sixty or seventy cells. I use graph paper, and I tape together as many sheets as are required!
     I record the years, one to a square, starting from birth, and in the row underneath the years, I insert the age acquired during that year. The year of birth is marked with a 'B', then subsequent years simply count upwards.
     In the next row I write the first name, the letters present for each year of their value: A occupies a single square, B is written into two squares; C into three, and so on. Always reducing to a single digit: J is a One again, and so is SK and T are Twos. C and L and U are Threes. I and R are the Nines. The rest of the name is entered onto the next lines.
     With the names in the grid horizontally, adding up the letter-values vertically will determine the Essence number for each year.
     In the year that my father was born, his name showed an A (1); L (3); and W (5). Added together, (9) these indicate a Nine Essence for the year. He brought energy of completion and wholeness to his family – a scenario that fits with what I know of family history. His Numerology calendar reveals the years when he moved, when he married, when he relocated our family from the UK to Canada. I feel no doubt that he was aligned with his intentions through all his years.
     After more than thirty years of preparing Numerology Charts, I have been fortunate to witness many clients finding recognition and understanding through exploration of their Numerology chart and calendar.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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