Those April Powers

To calculate your Personal Year Number for 2015, see below.
     To make the most of monthly Number information, consider your dominant Number of the month as a fuel – fuel that permits you to drive more easily in one direction than another.
     For example, there is no ‘wrong time’ to engage in service, and yet when Six is vibrating strongly in our personal field, serving will feel easy and rewarding. At times we will not even notice the advantages we have provided while simply doing what we want to do. Knowing where we are on the Number cycle lets us make the most of our personal, physical energy.
     2015 remains an Eight Universal Year*, and April carries a Universal vibration of creative Three energy. This Three is perfectly timed to remind us to celebrate the awakening of the natural world here in the northern hemisphere.
     When Three energy is present, novel and progressive events enhance our lives in this physical plane. Three is the portal through which the wonders of the universe can enter into our human experience. Flowers and leaves and baby creatures are all about to leave their current location and emerge into the physical dimension. 
     When Three energy is available to us, we each have the opportunity to link with ideas and concepts which are not yet present in this life. When we have an original idea; when we compose a poem while we are driving; when we dream a new tune or design a new bookshelf then we are allowing the flow of Three to deliver something from elsewhere.
     This month, the Three of my Personal Year will be enriched with Spiritual energies. I have lessons to learn if I am to remain true to my intended path, and April will bring that learning into my days. As I progress this month, I will set the stage for future growth.
     If you are in a Four Personal Year, this April will find you balanced and aligned, as the Eight-frequency of the year is reflected in your personal month. This is a good time to pay attention to details as you continue working on the practical foundation you are building.
     If this is your Five Personal Year, areas of life may reach natural completion. You may finish painting a masterpiece; or you might decide that this is time to say goodbye to someone who has a negative impact on your life. Whatever the ‘ending’, new space for will allow advanced activities in May.
     Six Personal Years offer opportunities for service, and this April will bring potential projects that you have never before considered. You may find new ways to approach stalled ventures, or you may have original ideas that ignite your whole community; easily and efficiently moving you towards your goal.
     Seven Years contain the seeds of huge Spiritual growth. In April, you will be changed by shifts in relationships. This might be your nearest and dearest; it might be someone new; or simply a meaningful line in a book or a film. Whatever it is, you will see May with fresh insight.
     If 2015 is your Eight Personal Year you are always capable of maximizing the available energies. The growth of spring can be reflected in your life when you allow your light to shine. Unfold your ideas with the certainty of plants unfolding petals and leaves. Declare your truth as surely as birds sing.
     In a Nine Personal year you are concluding a cycle, and April will offer an early chance to prepare for the next nine year. This is a good time to consider the foundations that will support your endeavours. Do you need to make bricks to create a base? Start now!
     One Personal Years bring new beginnings in all areas of life. In the April of a One year, the last vestiges of the previous cycle can be released. You are moving forward into growth and progress. You may be travelling this month and your experience will affect your approach to all things.
     A Two personal year is often filled with people. If you are paying attention during April, you will be shown options for serving your community. This may require you to step sideways into unfamiliar activities, and you may feel a little timid about that. What you can offer is greater than you realize. Go for it!
     No matter where we are in our personal chart, what happens in April, the month will set the base for coming months to build upon.

* 2+0+1+5 = 8

*** To calculate your Personal Year Number for 2015:
Add the number of the Day you were born, to the number of the month you were born, and then add Eight. Keep adding until you have only one digit.

For example: my birthday is 28 March, so I add 2+8 = 10, and   1+0 = 1
                                           March is the third month, and I add the       3
                                                                 2+0+1+5=8 so I add the            8
                                                                            1+3+8 = 12, and 1+2=3:
I am in a Three Personal Year during 2015.
If you were born on the 27 February, you would add 9+2+8= [19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1] One for a Personal Year number.
26 April 8+4+8= Two
7 June 7+6+8= Three
17 August 8+8+8=Six
2 July is 2+7+8 = Nine
25 October 7+1+8 = Seven
And so on.    
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