Typical modern life, filled with commuting and working and meeting deadlines, includes limited time for ‘leisure pursuits’. These may also be slotted into a schedule, adding to the rush as we perceive a need to be on time in multiple places on a so-called day-off. Obligatory family visits and recreational-team commitments pile up beside necessary shopping, housework and meal preparation to leave no time for thinking, especially not for deep thinking. 

Mindfulness and meditation seek the quiet that is at the centre of our being, yet we rarely find a spot to fit it into an active schedule. Although the benefits of quiet practice are well documented, it is hard to justify the stillness of the physical body that feels lazy and counter-productive in the whirl of life. The idea that we might allow Spirit to be present simply doesn’t fit.
Thought is a mental pursuit, and while our minds are engaged with to-do lists and obligations we have limited access to the Mental Plane. Often our thoughts extend only into the immediate future, reactively processing conversations, work assignments or routes through social activities.

There is rarely an opportunity, or an inclination, to engage fully in Thought because life and our minds are simply too busy. 
We might move from the demands of physical reality into emotional response at times, as some part of us delights in, or objects to, what is occurring.  Emotional responses are “unthinking”, however, and while muttering curses at drivers in other cars might reflect a thought pattern about own superior driving skills, there is no cognitive process. 
Lifting our noses from the grindstone affords us a different view of what is in front of us, and allotting time to explore the Mental Plane, opens more possibilities than we might imagine. Making time to just be, quietly and without structuring behaviours, is a way to allow thoughts to bubble through from wherever thoughts are sourced. Perhaps they seep through from the human subconscious, perhaps from God, by any of many names. Maybe from a Universal Consciousness, or Spirit, or a personal guide, or the swirling Unseen wisdom of ancestors.

Wayne Dyer wrote “Everything that's created comes out of silence. Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your words come out of this void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness.” 
The Law of Attraction says Thoughts Become Things. We can track the simplistic evidence of this when we consciously decide to think of bright blue cars, and as we progress down the road and peer into parking lots, there will be many more blue cars than we saw when they were not a subject of our thinking. 
Norman Vincent Peale said “Change your thoughts and you change your world” and while the thinking did not create the blue cars, it is undeniable that the world you perceive is now populated by them, and is, therefore, changed.
If we leave home in the morning expecting rush and hurry and negative outcomes, we will experience exactly that. Taking time to breathe and think deeply about positives in the day ahead – the meaningful conversations, the successful work projects, the happy mood – this can shape your personal world into an easier and more comfortable place to be.

     “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Willie Nelson.

I have been practising Numerology and supporting clients through life changes –imposed and intended – since the 1980s.
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