Three Days for Learning.
     Whether or not we know the details of our personal Numerology chart, we are affected by the numbers of the calendar. When the number value of the day, month and year are all the same, it is time to look at where we stand on the path of life.
     This is a rare and special event, and a time when Life Intentions will present themselves if we are willing to see them.
2014 is vibrating with Seven energy (2+0+1+4=7); July always carries a Seven, and on the 7th, 16th and 25th, the day will carry it as well. (1+6=7. 2+5=7)
     Seven is a Spiritual number, and these days will reveal to us truths about the Spiritual nature of the life we are here to live.
     These three days impart massive potential for personal development. This alignment of vibration allows for karmic lessons to be revealed. Support from the Cosmos is present, and we can access it if we allow ourselves to recognize the soul-growth which is being offered. These are days when we have the chance to glimpse the underlying structure which can help us make sense of our chaotic lives. This is a knowledge that can enhance our participation in every coming day.
      Gary Zukav writes about the human experience as time spent in the Earth School. A day like July 7th 2014 can help an engaged student to understand the curriculum.

     I started the morning of July 7th with a walk on the labyrinth I have recently installed behind my home. When the labyrinth came into my life in 2008, I knew instantly that I was being called to work with it. It has always been a part of my Life Intention, and when I embraced that reality, my path became cleared and easy.  I began to work with labyrinths, write about them, and access training. I was eventually granted Certification as a Labyrinth Facilitator. I have a collection of portable and desk-top labyrinths, and although I have created many walking labyrinths, I have never before had one so close, so available, and feeling so right. Walking it on Monday was a validation of My Path in any number of ways.
     Monday also reminded me that my studies in patience will continue. Several anticipated events and meetings were cancelled or postponed. Some people with whom I was eager to spend time were unable to match my schedule. A telephone call can satisfy the desire to hear a voice, and an email can allow the sharing of a story, still I was granted the opportunity to witness how I process profound disappointment. Learning to delay fulfillment has been a theme at many times in my life, and the 7th says I have more knowledge to acquire in this realm.
     There was more. Life is multidimensional, and through my attachment to emotional, mental and physical planes I was taught as clearly as I was in Spirit. Choosing how to embrace the lessons is about learning that will far outlast these three teaching days.
     Seven energy forms the basis for the very structure of how we see the world. What the world hands to us on one of these powerful days can accelerate our learning. People and ideas and ambitions which manifest on the 16th or 25th of this month will teach us about ourselves. Surely this is a purpose of life: to come to know our Soul nature, and how it grows through interaction with the physical world.
     My new labyrinth is available for anyone nearby who would care to walk it, on any day. You know in your heart which day will best serve your intentions.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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