Universal Vibration Supports Soul Growth

     2014: 2+0+1+4=7 this year with the numerological Seven vibration is occurring in the early days of The Shift that is so publicized and celebrated in the field of Evolving Spirituality.
     Seven is the first Spiritual number in the Number Cycle, and it is leading spiritually aware people to move the focus of their lives. As the core of behaviour shifts, we rearrange ourselves away from a physical, consumer-centric way of being and towards something more fulfilling and permanent.
     This April, being the fourth month adds a Four to that Seven (7 + 4 =11).
     When the calculation is completed (1 + 1 = 2) we see that April incorporates Two energy into the Seven year, and as a result the Cosmic frequencies place emphasis on relationships.
     Last week I wrote about the importance of learning to be empathetic in all of our associations.
     For practitioners who are working with and towards the planetary Shift, practicing social empathy is one of many enlightened behaviours in their lives. The different, and very important ability to be empathic is a part of a newly broad identity.
     Empathy is the very basis for bonding with other people. Being empathetic begins as a thought process. As we navigate the world and accrue experience we learn to think beyond our own skin, to appreciate and eventually empathize with the experiences of others.
     Being empathic, however, is not at all about thinking. Empathic connexion is the innate ability feel and perceive the energetic expression of others. Thoughts and moods and wishes are received by an empath without any verbal communication of them.
     Christel Broederlow teaches that empathic abilities are inherited: a sequence in DNA that is transmitted through families, and I think that may have been true in the past.
     Today, though, I am certain that the seeds of the empath are within each of us. I believe that intentional learning can develop empathic sensitivity. As we Shift society into a new era the ability to expand empathetic behaviours into empathic connexion is within reach of anyone willing to make the effort.
     Empathy as the ability to understand the feelings and perspectives of others is a guide to behaving in ways that honour those feelings. An empath will detect those perspectives without thinking.
     Roman Krznaric says that we can cultivate empathy throughout our lives, and use it as a radical force for social transformation.
     In this Seven universal year the Cosmos is bathing us all in the Spiritual energy that will assist us in this natural growth. As we expand our awareness into Unseen dimensions, we will intersect the emotional fields of the people in our lives, our empathy will be activated, and we will move closer to our intended destinies.

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