Raising Vibration

Abraham Hicks uses the phrase ‘Emotional GPS’ in their teaching.
It is a metaphor for the way in which the emotional part of our humanity is designed to guide our Spiritual selves as we navigate this physical, human experience.

Before we enter the Human Experience, Abraham suggests, we are excited with the prospect of discovering the contrasts of light and darkness, acceptance and resistance, positive and negative. We look forward to learning from obstacles, and expanding our skills and talents through the limits of living in the physical realm.
We each had intentions for the specific lessons we would learn. We were confident that we would be able to focus on the correct lessons, because of our emotional GPS: should we veer off course and fall out of alignment with our purpose, we would feel badly.
Anger and frustration and other aspects of fear would be at the forefront, and we would, our Eternal Cosmic selves believed, be able to readjust our path and return to Alignment. 
What we could not account for, while we were in a state of pure non-physical energy, was the degree to which societal forces would program us away from our emotional GPS information.
We did not know how easily we would be convinced that emotions were not important. We did not understand how easily we would accept that negative feelings could, and should, be drugged away.
It doesn’t matter which mood- and mind-altering choices we make. It could be shopping or drinking or sex; gambling, drugs or extreme-risk sports which defy injury and physical death. Whichever behaviour we pick, the affect is the same. We disconnect from our unhappiness, believing that distance alone will make it go away.

Instead of shifting direction to find the joy and positivity which would realign us with our soul-driven Intention, we create distance, we numb the signal.  We turn off the guidance of the GPS, disconnecting ourselves, although Spirit remains unchanged: it does not process disconnection.
This means that the choices we make while in the human form are not over-ridden by Spirit. How we direct our attention will veto the intentions that were set before we entered the physical realm.
When we feel negative, Source takes that to mean that the negative is serving our path, and offers more of the same. We have all the power in this decision process. Our emotional expression takes priority over everything else. We are on the spot and are credited with knowing.  
We loop with Source energy, exchanging feedback. If we project the idea that life is stifling us, then we are given stifling experiences. 
Our ‘Emotional GPS’, that part of the Unseeyn spirit which is our deep self, allows and does not interfere. There is no instruction to “Turn Around”. Instead Spirit trusts that in our physical understanding, we know a way forward across the unroaded land.

As individuals, we are in charge of our own path.
We are trusted by the Spirit which animates us, and we are free to live the lives that feel best to us. 
We can make the choices that feel the best, come into concert with our Intention. We can stay mindful and maintain those clear, elevated emotions. What an astonishing gift.

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