Humans and weather coexist. This is a physical truth which cannot be sensibly contradicted. 
There are underground settlements described in the pages of some science fiction novels. In fact, if I remember correctly, alongside nuclear fallout, extreme weather is one of the factors that is given as a reason which drives people to live below a planetary surface. In which case, living conditions are not simply influenced, but entirely created by weather.
For those of us who continue to interact with the forces of nature each day, there are aspects to weather which are useful metaphors for our relationships with each other. 
Perhaps you know someone who could be characterized ‘little Mary sunshine’, or another who ‘has a face like a rainy weekend’.
We talk about the negatives of ‘an ill wind’, or upsets that result in ‘floods of tears’.
Weather imagery shows up in Tarot and Oracle cards, too, reminding us of forces over which we have no control. The Sun, the Moon and the Star are about permanent heavenly bodies rather than the changing patterns of outdoor life, and they, too, impact our life experience.
Many tarot cards picture people out of doors, and we see snowy mountain peaks or fruiting vines or seedlings that add to our understanding of season and energy.
Among oracle cards there are numerous pictures of weather influence. The blowing wind on the Bully card in the Archetype deck by Carloyn Myss is an example of this. As I am writing, Hurricane Dorian is wreaking havoc, it is very easy to see why an immense wind is an inspired image for the energy of the bully. 
In Ted Andrews’ Nature Oracle, the wind sweeps through the world, bringing changing conditions, and requiring that living things adapt.
  Like the weather, life conditions change, and when we are in the depths of struggle, it is always beneficial to remember that the rain will end, spring warmth will banish the cold, and the dawn will dispel darkness.
Being alive means changing, conditions come and go, resisting them will not change them, although it can change your experience and take you out of alignment. 

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