When Questions Are Answers.

     Shifts do not happen while we are content to glide through life on a track that has been assigned to us.
     For as long as we unquestioningly accept the path that was prescribed by our childhood training, we will move forward steadily. The years of living will elapse, and inevitably our body will die.
     Martha Beck calls this ‘living in the shallows’. When we Shift, we move into the depths of life.
     Shifting from thoughtlessness into the physical reality of our body is a beginning. Practices like mindfulness and yoga can transfer attention into the solidity of the moment and the human experience.
     Thinking, and through the thought process altering our relationship with the world connects us to the power of self determination: we can step off the road our conditioning has sent us down. We can think about alternate routes, divergent pathways, returning to our original position and restarting: and we can execute the action determined by our decision.
     When we are rooted in our physical reality and willing to think about our place in the world, we can appreciate our emotional responses. Living inside a flesh shell which both creates and responds to chemical changes is a fascinating adventure: adrenaline energizes us; natural steroids affect levels of aggression. When we are engaged, and conscious of how we feel, we experience an astonishing array of emotions in response to hormone surges.
     Shifting begins on the Spiritual plane before any other Shift can happen, and it cannot be completed except as a culmination of all the other Shifts.
     Spiritual Shift requires the asking of questions. Why am I here? What is the nature of my consciousness? What is my role in the Universe?
     As we place energy into these questions, we may well find that new senses and abilities become noticeable, and that the intuitive nature of our queries leads in a new direction. Natural intuitive abilities may come to the forefront; empathy may be deepened; telepathy might suddenly reveal itself. There is then a possibility for a cycle of opening in the energy centres. Floods of love and feelings of reverence will open up the Spirit and the personality to greater expression and connexion.
      As love and connexion develop, openness and willingness to be vulnerable will make space for more love; more connexion; and more openness.
     As we ask questions of ourselves we grow more willing to change, and to make space for others to change. “Am I really as weak as I was taught to be?” “Am I authentically present in this career?” “Is this relationship growing my soul?” “Is the me I show to the world a reflexion my dear, beautiful soul?”
     Even when we make no changes, our willingness to question helps us to be accepting of the changes made by others. We feel empathy for people retreating into self-examination; changing jobs; leaving marriages; or adopting new ways of being. The act of questioning ourselves Shifts how we perceive the choices and actions of others.
     A Shift on the Spiritual plane might occur suddenly. Many Shifts are characterized as “light bulb moments” or “awakenings”. Not every novel understanding is a Spiritual Shift, nevertheless, as new comprehension and conscious awareness come to our everyday, we are stepping away from a rote, memorized, unthinking journey and allowing new possibilities into our lives.
     The human experience is but a small part of “All That Is.” The physical body will inevitably die, and we have infinite opportunities for understanding the part of us that is not physical.
     Questions can help us better understand, and Shift into, our Spiritual nature.  There are clues to our purpose and talents and intention all around.
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