Where are you now?

     One of the most famous teachings of spiritual leader Ram Dass is the very simple instruction “Be Here, Now.” The idea that we need to learn such a straightforward truth seems astonishing. If being here, now, is a lesson we need, the underlying reality is, of necessity that we are not here and not in the Now.
     “We” as individual souls, exist somewhere else, somewhen else, otherwise we wouldn’t need to learn to be Here, Now.
     In meditation and mindfulness work we all struggle with distraction. Our focus races off to any number of other times and places, rehashing history and planning future. The instruction to be present, to be attentive to What Is, is one that is very difficult to follow.
     Spiritual growth is perhaps less about finding that spiritual dimension of ourselves, and more about allowing our bodies to bridge the gap between our natural Spiritual identity and this physical world here we have chosen to be.
     Practitioners and Seekers can be “ungrounded”. Sometimes living with heads in the clouds, theorizing and conceptualizing, searching for enlightenment. Living in a mind full of ‘what can be’ and ‘what else is there’ means not experiencing ‘what is’.
     It is undeniable that we have elected to live in the physical realm at this time: we are here. This is a time of great change, there is a Shift in the human condition underway. It is, therefore, very important to honour the physical aspects of life, and to recognize that our bodies are an expression of our mission. Bodies are the vehicles with which we will fulfill our destinies, great allies in our Spiritual growth.
     Historically and globally, Spiritual traditions prescribe ways of using our bodies to help connect to the Unseen.
     Meditation often includes postures and positions such as a cross-legged sitting position. This helps to keep the physical body within awareness while remaining open to Unseen energies. Many meditators sit with thumb tips touching the end of the middle fingers.
     In other traditions, different bodily stances are required or requested.  People might pray or worship while standing with arms raised, or bowing from the waist. Others may kneel on one knee, or on both. Some systems ask followers to bow until the forehead touches the floor, others to place their hands palm to palm. Sufi whirling dervishes spin their bodies in order to unlock a personal relationship with some greater force, while other groups dance in circles or lines or as individuals.
     On the labyrinth, moving meditation along the path allows the walker to become a part of something else. The labyrinth field carries a particular energy which raises the vibration of the walker and connects to other walks, other paths, and other frequencies. **
      No matter how we choose to move or pose our bodies when we seek communication with the Source of All, it is vital to remain present in the physical. Our body is the bridge between physical and spiritual realms. The mental and emotional input that is seated in our physical selves provides us with opportunities for learning and growth. Ignoring physical truth as we seek Spiritual truth limits us and our chances for success.
     Spiritual expansion is the result of being present in this time and place. Wherever we are we are well served to remember to Be Here, Now.
     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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     **     The Global Healing Response project aligns labyrinths in times when healing is needed. Introduced just before Hurricane Katrina, the program offers a unified response to disasters and events that can benefit from healing.
     Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in China and floods in Myanmar have instigated this response. Now the project is coordinated to respond to the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines
On December 1st, all over the world, people will walk the labyrinth path with an intention to transmit healing energy to the people and land of the Philippines. The grid created by the combined activity on thousands of labyrinths will offer love and support for those affected.
     One of these walks will be held on December 1st, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Masham, QC. Weather will decide whether this is held out of doors or on a canvas portable indoors. Check the calendar for details.