Who Can See the Reiki?

     I am a Reiki practitioner; a Reiki Master. Reiki is a hands-(almost)-on technique. As a practitioner I allow energy to flow through my hands and into the energy-field of the recipient. The recipient need not be present, and Distant Reiki is equally effective when delivered appropriately.
     The word Reiki is a compound of two words. “Rei” is most often translated as “spirit”. The word spirit is from the root Latin “spirare” which means “breath”. “Ki” is “energy”.
     Reiki, therefore is an “energetic breath”. The Source of Energy breathes through the Reiki practitioner to the recipient.
     I have been trained and attuned by Master Teachers who can trace their education through a direct line to Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki.
     The Usui method requires practitioners to follow Five Precepts, which Mikao Usui believed to be important guides to spiritual development and personal healing.
     These precepts are: For today only: do not anger; do not worry; be humble; be honest in your work; and be compassionate to yourself and others. These are transferable ideas that can benefit anyone seeking to live a full and fulfilling life.
     Some Reiki specialists work in narrow fields: Reiki for babies and toddlers; for teens; for palliative and hospice patients. There are people who practice animal Reiki: some of them specializing in equine or feline or canine clients.
     My practice remains human-centered, and every now and then I have reason to wonder exactly what animals perceive? We know of the olfactory superiority of many animals, what else might there be?
     I received my second Reiki degree in a building where several large dogs roamed. They were well behaved and did not intrude on the classroom instruction. When my fellow students and I moved into the practice room, the dogs sidled in and arranged themselves under the massage table: ready to receive whatever energy might come available.
     For some time I shared my living space with a cat -- not always a sociable individual. My friends rarely saw her, as she lurked under the bed or ran outdoors, uninterested in visiting. Yet when practitioner friends were present, and willing to channel Reiki energy to her, she would stay on the couch, allowing touch. She would squirm onto her back, and wiggle herself so that the Reiki energy was transmitted to the body parts she chose.
     A friend who practices Reiki recently told me about an experience when a small pet dog, belonging to the person on the table, jumped onto his owner’s body. The dog grabbed the practitioner hands, gently placing them on his own doggy flesh, directing the flow of energy.
     This last week I was in a session where a pet dog was present. The dog had arranged himself comfortably under the head-end of the table. I worked, eyes closed, near the head and shoulders of the dog’s human. I travelled down the chakras, spinning the energy of the throat and polishing the light of the heart space. When I reached the third chakra, I found dark stagnation. I reached into the energy, and pulled out a ribbon of blackness, throwing it over my shoulder, intending it back to Source, where it could be transformed for the good of all. As I did so the dog leapt up and ran into the room, barking at his perception of this discarded energy. When I completed disposal of stuck-energy I cleared and spun the chakra and it shone yellow. The dog calmed, and re-established himself under the table -- under his human's legs -- to absorb any energy that might overflow.
     Every Reiki session is individual. The key is always to intend self-healing. Practitioners offer the energy into the auric field of the recipient, and trust that it will be directed and applied in the most useful and healing way.

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     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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