Winding Along the Path

    The path of the labyrinth is a metaphor for the path through life. We move forward, believing we understand the location of our destination, and the path diverts us, turns us, sends us off on a detour. Continuing to walk, appreciating the new vistas and directions, we are enriched on our journey. Despite repeated deviations from expectation, the path always leads to the centre. Feelings of stress, worry or blame as we travel the roundabout way point to lessons we are here to learn.
    A  labyrinth is designed to create a particular pathway in a physical location. Our lives follow a path designed to grow our souls.
    The Cosmic Wisdom which resides in our immortal selves cannot be contained in the human condition: we provide ourselves with clues and cues to help us locate our purpose and intention. Those clues can be discovered in many different ways, and readers will not be surprised at my assertion that Numerology is a system of access.
    Numerology is by no means the only way to seek the mysteries of life, there are dozens or hundreds or infinite other routes of equal value. My understanding of Numerology has been a blessing in my life and I am always happy to share it.
        One of the simplest calculations which contains great insight, is derived from your date of birth.
    The total of all the digits in that date, reduced to a single digit provides a peek into an overarching theme that can be applied to the intentions of this lifetime.
From My Chart:
    My birthdate of 28-March-1956 adds up to Seven (2+8+3+1+9+5+6=34. 3+4=7).
    Seven is a digit on the Spiritual Plane, it is the teacher.  Seven is consistently offering me lessons which feel like challenges in the moment, and later reveal themselves to contain great rewards and personal growth. Experiencing that growth and sharing it with others is my intended work.
    Aligning the personal birthforce energy to the Universal energies is a move towards alignment.
    2015 has been an Eight Universal Year (2+0+1+5=8). My mission has been supported by Eight which resides in the Mental Plane, and this year I have successfully co-authored a book (with Tamlyn Heddeman ****) which will be a profound teaching tool.
    Our book will be available in 2016, which is a Nine year, delivering the energies of completion and conclusion. I feel very aligned!
    Completing ventures and releasing burdens are inevitable in a Nine year. As we move into 2016 there may be projects which have weighed you down. They might simply need to be released and eliminated. Allowing conditions which drain you to remain will limit you as the calendar moves into a new cycle. Eliminating the presence of any toxicity is a task for the coming year.
    End relationships that do not support your authentic life; find employment that is fulfilling and allows you to contribute with sincerity.  Take up activities which will benefit from your heart and allow you to enjoy feeling centred and grounded and correct. Find community where you can express the depths of your authenticity.
     Be aware that Nine may deliver conclusions that we would not freely choose. The difficulties of adjusting to these endings contain growth and learning that is unavailable in other ways. In the future you will discover the great benefits concealed within the obstacles. Until then, supportive people have been placed in your sphere, and they, too, will benefit when you seek their assistance.
     We can be comforted to know that we are never asked to walk the entire labyrinth: we need only take the next step!

    If your next step is to connect to the clues and cues of your won Numerology chart, I have been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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