Winter Hops and Skips

      2012 vibrates with the Number Five. We have seen this be a year of transformation, change and growth. It has not necessarily been easy, yet in many ways it has been inevitable.

     Many of the people and groups with whom I am connected have undergone ructions this year. There has been acrimony and disruption, disturbances and reorganization. Yet as we prepare for the coming Six energies of 2013, I detect a net benefit for individuals as well as the communities in which we live.

     Now is the time in the year when the days get shorter where I live. We just adjusted the clocks in an attempt to make the most of the short sunlight hours. This is also the time of year when the Number vibrations begin to prepare us for what lies ahead.

     It is the nature of Numerology that cycles of Nine prevail. When any sequence reaches 10, we add the 1+0 and begin a new cycle at One. As a result, the 12-month year spans parts of two cycles, yet does not reach to Eighteen to neatly complete them both.

     After the end of September (9), the Cosmic Frequency shifts, and we enter a phase I like to call “Hop and Skip”.

     At the monthly level, October 2012 focused Six energies, November has a Seven, and December will bring Eight. January 2013, at the beginning of a Six year, will focus Seven, and February Eight.

     As a result, the months make a little Hop and Skip: Six-Seven-Eight-Seven-Eight-Nine. Our long winter days can be used to look ahead and make plans for the upcoming year with some insight into what universal support will be available to us, and what will be asked.

     The repeating Seven-Eight combination, arriving when we have long evenings to discuss and plan for the coming cycle, help us shift from Five to Six with minimum difficulty.

     Seven is the primary energy for November and also January. This is the first of the fully Spiritual Numbers in the cycle which includes physical, mental and emotional numbers. Seven will offer us opportunities for Soul Growth. That is what Seven does. The conditions, incidents and people who contribute to our Seven month in November will create ripples that change the shape of our Seven January and help us to complete our New Year Shift.   

     This Shift means that from 2012’s transformation comes 2013’s overriding obligation to engage in Service.

     We emerge from Five quite changed from who we were in 2011. We have learnt; we have travelled into new thought-patterns; we have adapted to the new conditions that appeared around us. We have had new experiences and learning and are expanded in our understanding of life. This Shift has no value if we do not put it to use in the world.

     The natural cycle calls us to take all the benefits of our Five year, and apply them to the community around us. Thus we shift into Service. Individuals and groups around us will be enhanced by the expression of our personal transformation. Staying isolated at home -- keeping our new knowledge to ourselves -- is of service to on one.

     I firmly believe that I came to the planet to be a part of a greater community. I was not born into a box. I arrived in a family, in a neighborhood, in a society where I could choose to join any of myriad communities to help make the world a better place.  

     2013 is a year when we will each have the opportunity to bring our unique gifts and in-born talents to a place where others can share and gain. This, surely, is why we have unique gifts and in-born talents in the first place.

     The Numbers of which I speak are those of the Western calendar, which are present around us all. In addition, we have each a very personal cycle depending on just when we entered this human plane.

     2013 is a One Personal Year for me. My 2012 Nine Personal Year has seen me complete and conclude any number of aspects of my life.  I have left the place I lived for 19 years and relocated to a new province and vey novel circumstances. I left a job I had enjoyed for six years in exchange for a more tenuous business possibility. I drove away from dozens of friends, colleagues and chosen family, people I had known, liked and loved for a very long time.

     I made these choices in the knowledge that I needed to be in a new and different situation for my One Year to bring me all that my destiny has planned. My leap of faith is totally informed by my Numerology Chart, and the certainty that it brings me.

     Of course there is still trepidation and constant questioning -- that is surely part of the Human Condition. There is also an underlying confidence that I prepared this Life Path before I arrived, and when I stay aligned with the Numbers that support me, my path will lead me exactly where I need to go.