Permission to Wobble

It is my good fortune to have been working recently with clients who were born in the 1990s.
They have particular Numerological charts, having always at least two Nines in their year, and if born in September, or on a 9th, 19th or 29th,  even more Nines in the grid.
A Number Grid is like a tic-tac-toe frame, with a digit in each of the nine boxes. Beginning at the bottom lift, they move upwards, the way living things grow.

Nine Energy
As the highest of the single digits, Nine contains all the energies of the others. Nine is the holistic energy: the interconnectedness of all things. Nine also recognizes the interrelationships and interactions been distant and disparate places.   
Thanks to this broad overview, Nine energy understands the Power (and importance) of One: the difference that an individual can make.
For the development of a young personality, a lot of Nine energy can be overwhelming. Children of the 1990s are sometimes timid and nervous. Like an elephant stepping out onto a spider’s web, they know that every move they make can have a massive impact. As they learn and mature, some are paralyzed: feeling unwilling to initiate whatever universal consequences might follow.

Sometimes these young people worry about the outward rippling energy. While not always fearful, many of them censor their own activities. The role of elders in their development, is to give them permission to be wrong, to make mistakes, and to explore for the joy of exploration. It is not possible to learn to ride a bicycle without wobbling, and if we become preoccupied with being able to like to ride perfectly from the first attempt, we will never even mount one. New activities are incomplete by nature. Knowing that the path of learning is a part of expertise, then there is permission to fail, to wobble, and to learn through experience.
With perfectionism as a default setting in many of their charts, the accomplishments of these young people can be seen as especially triumphant. Coming from the very end of the thousand years of people with a One in their birth year, these are the people who will be liaison with the world of the Shift. They carry the vibration that taught the Power of One, and the Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual. Now that every year begins with Two, society has become focused on relationships, communications, and networking. The children of the 1990s will provide a bridge between the different outlooks: no small task, and as someone considerably older, I am grateful that they bring particular sensitivity to the task.

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