Years and Cycles: Seven, Eleven and Ninety-nine
      Near the end of December I am particularly conscious that the physical plane is a place of cycles.
     The wall calendar is augmented by a new one hanging underneath, and conversations turn to the theme of ‘where did the year go?’ and I connect again to the turning of the clock, the repetition of the seasons: long dark nights about to give way to extra slivers of sunlight as we cross that magical Solstice line.
     Like all cycles of Mother Planet and within the dimension where I live, the turn of the wheel of time reinforces the truth that the ancients knew and western science is now naming.
     Energy is.
     All is One.
     No thing can be created or destroyed.
     That which we perceive as physical is, over time, dis-assembled and reorganized and moved and morphed and changed and altered and made apparently different. The physical aspects of life undergo any number of transitions and iterations and variations, and they go nowhere.
     Connecting to and understanding the cycles in which we live is one of the exciting learnings available to us as a part of the Human Experience.
     As we, Spiritual Beings, enjoy life in this physical realm, the cycles are our teachers.
     I have written recently about the physical world: the rocks, and the living layer of mother planet, neither of which would be as they are if not for the sun in our sky.
     This week, in December of 2013, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has published information about the sun’s magnetic energy field.
     This immense magnetic field moves incrementally, the way water moves in waves on the oceans of earth. Each wave covers a little more distance until the progression reaches the extreme: a High Tide or Low Tide. The directional motion is complete, and the tide ‘turns’.  As the inexorable process continues, each step now moves in the opposite direction.
     It takes eleven years for Sol’s magnetic field to complete a tidal cycle. According to NASA the regular “flip” of north and south magnetic poles of Sol is about to occur.
     “It looks like we’re no more than 3 to 4 weeks away from a complete field reversal,” says solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University. ”This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.” Energies we cannot comprehend are about to be unleashed into our planetary environment.
     In two weeks our calendar will shift into the Seven vibration that will resonate with us through 2014. (2+0+1+4=7), a time of Spiritual growth through readjustment and alignment with the Cosmos.
     The sun cycle and our calendar combine into a larger sequence which repeats every 99 years: that is how long it is since Sol’s magnetic flip happened in a calendar year with Seven vibrations.
     99 years ago The Great War was underway.  There was social unrest; devastating natural disasters and profound technological advances which moved us towards flight and mass communication. In retrospect there is a before-and-after flavour to the world of 1915. The events of that year were of such great impact that our daily life remains affected by them.
     2014 has the potential to be an equally significant year. As we each work to align our personal energy fields we will be supported by the dynamic forces available for us on the universal level. When we make the decision, we can support each other, too. We can unite our energies and intentions to create a new, bright future, and in 99 years, our grandchildren will continue to benefit.
      When you understand your personal cycle, you can be centered and aligned. With that advantage, you can maximize the potentials of 2014, and create your best possible future. If your personal vibration remains uncharted, click here to schedule a session.
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