The physical phenomenon which is the December Solstice is celebrated in many ways across a variety of cultures. 
    The Winter Solstice is the name given to the longest night and the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere; the number of hours of daylight varying with the latitude of a place. At the extreme north, the sun is almost absent above the horizon; further south the period of sunlight grows longer and longer.

    Most often this event is characterized as being about the triumph of light over darkness, as indeed it is: after the shortest day comes one slightly longer, and slow progress begins in the direction of the longest day.
In our modern world of artificial light we forget, sometimes, to appreciate the hours of darkness. Long evenings can be enjoyed as social time. When outdoor activities are made difficult by the darkness and cold, gathering indoors and sharing companionship in warmth is a wonderful use of time.
 Restore Physical Energy
The shorter days allow us to schedule longer sleeps. Western culture is notoriously sleep-deprived, and limiting ourselves to natural light for a few days a week can permit our bodies to rest, and to restore a healthy rhythm of sleep and waking, allowing for more stamina and endurance for our daily tasks.
Review Mental Energy
As the calendar year draws to a close, there is benefit in looking back to who we were a year ago. This is a time to measure our advances, celebrate successes, and plan to complete that which has been left unfinished. If there has been 'failure' during the year, reviewing the lessons learnt can remind us that nothing we do is wasted, and all activity is beneficial.
Relax Emotional Energy
If your life requires that you expend your resources in the emotional plane, schedule some time to withdraw and renew your reserves. While there is a break in the demands of many workplaces, perhaps a day of recreational reading beside a fireplace, or a solo trip to a museum or a concert will allow you to refill. Emotional Labour is finally gaining understanding in Western society, and you may be surprised at where you find willingness to support recuperation.
Refresh Spiritual Energy
The turning of the planet translates into how we see the turning of the year. Each of us has, in 2017, seen another birthday and possibly many anniversaries. There has been growth and new births and also losses and deaths of people we care about. There have been changes in our families, communities and countries that have an effect on how our days unfold. 
There is time on these short days to instigate or expand a Quiet Practice. Options are nearly endless. Consider meditation, yoga, prayer, journaling, designated hours of silence or introspection. Any of these can aid in finding the centre of yourself. In these ways you can locate and identify your personality at its core, distinct from the mask you show to people. 

As we move towards 2018, being fully present and authentic on all the planes of existence can only be a benefit.
Take the time, and look forward to the wonders which a New Year can bring.
Be ready.
Be true to your destiny.

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