One is the number of beginnings, of origination and individuality and initiative. There was The Void and then there was One. This is the I Am of the Universe. One carries the identity of the individual in the physical form, the voice that says “I AM” One provides the initiative and the courage to claim that identity, and to lead the way. The Cycle of Numbers by Jo Leath

Two is the number of relationships. Wherever there are two individual things, they exist in relation to each other. Two energy support all activities which aid relationships: Mediation and Arbitration; Tact and Diplomacy; Partnerships and Agreements. When Two is present there is Culture, Grace, and Sensitivity. Two is the number for consideration, for the association, and for peacemaking.

Three is the inspired result of the relationship between two: Three is the apple that results from a bee and flower in communion. Three is the new computer program that arrived fully formed in the imagination of a person with a technical education. Three holds creative talent and self expression: Here is Artistic feeling and optimism. Three has the gift of words and vision. Three is happy.

When we make a structure with four sides, it usually doesn’t fall down. Four is strong and reliable, a foundation on which to build. Four is practical and pays attention to details. It is serious and determined. Four is the ultimate expression of the physical world, where we arrive alone, form relationships, create or channel concepts and articles into the physical realm. With Four we build a basis for all that comes next.

Five is the number of change and growth. With Five energy the cycle turns from the solid basis of the physical world towards the Higher Frequency expression of Human Life. As the bridge from physical to Spiritual, Five carries transformative power. Five is progression and versatility, travel, action and adjustment. People communicate Five when they advance attitudes which evolve society.

Six is the first opportunity for an individual to move away from the solid reality of material life and offer service to others. Six expresses itself as humanitarian caring, using energies found in idealism and unselfishness. 

Six is shown in domesticity and harmony. Accepting responsibility and fulfilling duty with a glad heart are ways the Six is seen in the world. Six is the highest of the emotional Numbers, seen when we infuse Service with our Feelings, and when our Feelings lead us to acts of Service.

Seven is the first purely Spiritual number. Seven informs investigation and analysis. Here is research and discovery. Meditation and Spiritual Seeking are Seven activities, as are calculation and analysis. Seven contains dignity and intelligence. Seven is the source of obstacles in a life-path, shifting the person out of predictable life and into new levels of understanding. Difficulties and painful experiences oblige the Seeker to ask questions that lead to Soul expansion.

Eight is a mental number with profound Spiritual energy. Mental activity is the purview of The Mind which is not an anatomical device. The figure eight is used in scientific notation to represent infinity. Eight nurtures authority; efficiency; executive ability and capability. 
Organization, capability and healthy power are all ways that Eight is conveyed in life. 
Eight will find the greatest success when it maintains an attitude of Service which 
continues the quest for Spirit.

Nine is the highest digit, for when we reach 10 we add the 1+0 =1 and the cycle starts again. Nine is the second of the Spiritual numbers. Nine contains all the other numbers and therefore represents wholeness and unity. This is the number of love and compassion; completion; forgiving; and the family of the planet.

Consider that for a century (the 1900s) each and every person received a Nine in the 
birthdate. During that time society moved away from the Victorian ideas of sailing the Seven Seas and exploring the many continents. While the Nine held sway, we were able to see a picture of our planet from space. We saw that it is but one system, one environment, which supports us all. People of the 1900s learnt that our atmosphere is a single unit when discharges from East Europe’s factories fell as acid rain in Saskatchewan. We saw with our own eyes how effluent or debris dumped into a body of water can circumnavigate the planet, because there are no barriers between the oceans.

We are one

The Nine holds that uniting message, and in so doing returns us to the beginning of the cycle of numbers, which will repeat. 
Like each walk in a labyrinth, each number cycle will be different from the last. 
In between, we have formed new relationships, birthed new ideas, built new systems 
We will have changed along the way, in how we choose to serve others and the Great 
Unseen. Charting these changes helps us to grow in Spirit and thrive in life.

Number are Everywhere

Your birth is remembered by the Numbers of the date you arrived. The names you have been given or adopted can be expressed in Numbers. 
Today’s place in the calendar can be expressed in Numbers. Number Energies are resonating through and around you. 
When you understand the Numbers of your life, you can work with the Cosmic energthat are vibrating within your personal energy field. 
You can use that personal, individualized knowledge of your own Numbers to promote your physical and emotional well-being. You can access those same frequencies to aid in developing your connexion with Spirit.