Special 2020 Numerology Chart

$ 220 CAD

For the first twenty weeks of 2020, I am offering a remarkable and comprehensive 20-part personal Numerology Chart.

This chart will calculate the unique combination of Numbers that are contained  within your name and birth date.

 1. First middle and last names 

 2. Personality Number  

3. Intentional Path Number  

4. Destiny Number  

5. Reality Number  

6. Birthforce Number  

7. Points of Intensification  

8. Planes of Expression  

9. Arrows of Pythagoras

10. Personal year for 2020

11. Sub-paths

12. Pinnacles

13. Challenges

14. Transition Points

15. Kernel Number

16. Cornerstone Number

17. Capstone Number

18. Universal Calendar Cycle 

19. RC Age Number

20. All delivered at a Sit-down session with Jo at the Special Rate of $220

29 February Reading

$ 29 CAD

A spread with The Wisdom of the Garden Path deck can help you to make informed decisions that will let you make the most of your skills and talents over the next four years.

One hour reading: Numerology and Cards

$ 95 USD

Learn how the numbers of your date-of-birth reveal the Cosmic Energy supporting you on your path, identify your skills and talents, and the intentions you brought with you when you entered the Human Experience. Jo will show you where you are in your personal vibrational cycle, making sense of what the near future will be asking of you. When questions arise, oracle cards and other modalities can be used to access synchronicity.

Thirty Minute Reading

$ 50 USD

Starting with a quick birth-date analysis to ascertain where you are in your personal cycle, Jo will use cards to access synchronicity for clarification and amplified answers to your questions

The Number Path

$ 147 USD

Your individual Number Path is revealed when your birthdate is subjected to a few simple calculations and illustrated with a 3-circuit Cretan labyrinth.

The outer path, called The Container, shows the energies which established your intentions for this journey and established your life in a way that would support you. Each turn, each change of direction, and each shift happens on your personal shcedule, and promotes the growth of your Immortal, Intentional Soul.

The structure underneath is present in your life whether or not you pay attention, but when you are aware and working with it, the path smooths and progress replaces struggle.

Basic Number Overview

$ 150.00 USD

A Numerological examination of your name and birthdate, this will provide you with information about the "Major Points" on your chart: The Personality Number, naming what you show to the world; the Inner Self Number, which reveals your intentions for this human experience; your Destiny Number, which indicates the direction you will reach later in life. You will also find out about your Birth Force: a vibration which is always with you, and has an impact on you interact with the world around you and the people in your life.

(less extensive than shown)

Find Personal Clarity with an In-Person or Distance Reading $95.00

$ 95.00 USD

     No matter how confusing or scattered your life seems to be, there is a structure undernesth it. Jo will help you to access the synchronistic energy that will point to the clarity you want so much.

     Make an appointment and enjoy time in person,  on the telephone or with a Skype connexion with Jo.

     Receive guidance from any of several card decks; the I Ching Coin Oracle, or one of Jo's other areas of expertise. Most sessions include a little numerology, too!

     Spirit knows what you need to hear, this is an ideal way to find the quiet and listen.


Take Charge of your Life with an Aura Scan and Energy Alignment $135

$ 135.00 USD

     Take Charge of your personal Energy vibrations and move into alignment with your intended destiny.

     Receive guidance from any of several different access points based on the energies present (or absent) in your aura.

     Make an appointment and enjoy time on the telephone or with a Skype connexion with Jo.



Stay Connected with an Annual Support Card Package. $395

$ 395.00 USD

     With this on-going Support Package you can enjoy a Card-Reading session with Jo each month for a year. Or buy this as a gift, and let the recipient craft the package to suit.

     Store up the total time of 240 minutes for a few long sessions, or check in often to make sure you're still on track.

     Access these readings by telephone or by Skype. Scheduled appointments set by email.


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