Spirit and Breath

     When a newborn breathes, new life is celebrated, and when, at any age, breathing stops, the Spirit is gone.

     Because we breathe every minute of our life, we do so without paying attention. Our body and brain work to breathe automatically.  Young or old, man or woman,
awake or asleep, breathing happens.
    For the Ancients, Breath was the very presence of the Life Force, the Spirit.

     Breathing consciously is a way to grow aware of that Body--Spirit connexion.


for Adult Beginners

Understanding the Importance of Breath

An introduction to Breathing with Awareness

Techniques for breathing into relaxation

Learning to Energize yourself through breath


Group Size is limited. 

     This workshop is also available for your group.Whether you are caregivers; new non-smokers; recently retired; young parents; a congregation or a family, you too can benefit from the conscious breathing techniques you can learn at Breathing for Adult Beginners.

Do you have trouble winding down
 after a busy day?

Is it difficult to get to sleep?
Do you ever wonder if you’re
missing something?

Does life rush along
with no time for yourself?

The solution may be
as close as your breath

Variations on Breathing


A deep look at:
~ the importance of breath in the
Body-Spirit connexion
~ how conscious breathing works
~ the way breath connects us to Mother Planet's Living Layer
~ the intimacy of sharing breath
Learn varied breathing styles for: 
~ relaxation
~ calm
~ self-healing
75 minutes $75.00.

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to book a session for your group

Group discounts available.
Rates vary with location and time.

Group Sizes are limited. 

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Breathing for Adult Beginners was presented at the 2009 Tools for Life Conference