Accessing Synchronicity
     Accessing Synchronicity is a name for finding a way to connect with the wisdom that exists within.
     I believe that each of us is a spiritual being, currently experiencing the human dimension.
     Our Spiritual aspect is immortal, and can access wisdom and memories and truths that are simply too great to fit into our puny little brains.
     For our brains, however, to gain entry to that body of wisdom we need maps and methods and shortcuts.
     For some, the quiet they can find in meditation is enough. Allowing stillness within invites inspired thought and flashes of insight. Problems can be solved, and new potentials revealed.
     Not everyone is pre-disposed to meditation or even the inner quiet that some can find in nature or silent prayer or a bubble bath or other seemingly solitary pursuit.
     Not everyone is engaged in a daily pursuit of the wisdom of the spirit, yet under the right conditions, we all experience curiosity about ‘what else’ there is to know.
     Recorded human history is filled with seers and oracles and fortune tellers who, despite the skepticism of the modern majority, seem to have had sufficient clientele to survive.
     In recent times, the wrenching apart of astronomy and astrology has created a multi-tiered approach to such Greater Knowledge as exists. Those who insist on empirical science will consider all else to be worthless superstition
     Those who study the intricacies of spiritual divination modalities and healing techniques, opine that ‘science’ is mono-dimensional and cold and detached from the fullness of creation. Systems like Enneagrams can open doors to levels of self-understanding that are textured and deep and can change how we interact with life.
     Coincidences occur in every life: even scientists speak of being in the right place at the right time; or meeting the right colleague; or reading the right article. Scientific discoveries and inventions have sometimes been acknowledged as serendipitous.
     Mystics, students of the esoteric, gurus and teachers work within a multi-dimensional model. They are willing to entertain the possibility of the unknowable, and that openness permits them a knowing that might not be obvious to others.
     I have never seen Antarctica, and it matters not a jot to the continent if I announce I do not believe in it. My belief or lack of belief does not change the physical truth of ice shelves and penguins.
     My world view is not limited to the physical so-called reality that can see and touch and discern in a microscope or telescope. For me, there is intention encoded in my life. There are tiny signposts in my tiny brain, to help to uncover the details of the human journey I have come to experience.
     My grand Spiritual self chose to arrive in the human realm on a specific day, and that date can be parsed by numerology or astrology and knowledge can be found.  I contracted to be with people who would give me the name that can reveal the stepping stones that constitute my intended life path.
     I am daily shown messages about my purpose. I can choose, through the simple act of asking questions, to access answers in any of many ways.
      The dimension which is Infinite Wisdom can be revealed by what we call ‘Synchronicity’. What is supposed to happen, happens, and when we are fully awake and aware we can engage in a deep level of self-knowing . We can learn about ourselves and our lives. We can find out what we need to know.
     It doesn’t much matter, except to the individual and the practitioner, which method is used.
     The Seeker who visits two or three seers -- a card reader, an interpreter of tea-leaves, an intuitive aura reader – all on the same day, is likely to hear variations of the same message from each of them. This is the message they need to hear: it is due and it is necessary. There is less importance in the method of access than in the simple fact of asking.
     In my early experience reading the I Ching coin oracle, I had a client who resisted the answer she was given. She rephrased her question two or three times, and finally the coins rebuked her directly, saying “this query has been answered”.
     The Wisdom Field has sufficient integrity to survive access in innumerable ways. People use pendulums; third-eye seeing; casting straws or coins; card decks; tea leaves; laying on hands; non-contact energy detection and multitudes more. The work can be done in person or at great distance.
     When client and practitioner shift their focus into the dimension of the Wisdom Field, they are instantly together.
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