Love and  Water

       World Water Day, observed around the World on March 22nd, is an opportunity to deliver to a water source as many good intentions and prayers and we can. It is a day to stand in solidarity with protectors of water, and to commit to finding ways towards cleaning and restoring the world's water.
      Dr Masaru Emoto, one of my important teachers, worked with water and taught about the messages that it brings to the planet and to us.
      When working with synchronicity, water often represents emotion, and frequently that emotion is love.

      In the Tarot deck, the Suit of Cups shows dealings with emotions and relationships; water needs a vessel in order to remain in place. Many Tarot plates also show rivers and oceans, which speak to emotional flow and depth and cycles.
        Other oracle decks, and other forms of divination, also designate water as a symbol for the emotional plane.  Dr. Hyder Zahed writes that water is a symbol of love because "water is known to be a universal solvent. Water goes everywhere, seeps into everything. No matter how hardened a substance may be, water will soften it.”  
        This is true of water in the physical world: great mountains have been worn away by rain and streams and rivers.
        The same erosion of the hard and immovable can be accomplished in the emotional realm: by love.
        Water is patient. It is willing to wear away at hard granite for millions of years, eventually sending the entire mountain down to the ocean. Unconditional love is similar: it does not stop. Love, knowing it will succeed, persists through all obstacles and in spite of resistance.
      Love, simply by existing, changes surrounding emotions. Just as water can purify the physically unclean, so love will cleanse any shame or negative feeling or misunderstanding that gets in the way. All that is necessary is open acknowledgement.

        Dr. Zahed continues “It is believed that our emotions are carried in the water of our bodies — our tears, sweat, blood, and moist breath. The body shows a state of balance and good health when our water flow is unobstructed.”
        Our emotions circulate, too, nurturing full expressiveness in our human, emotional lives. As Matthew Fox taught us “There is no problem, however complex and difficult, that enough love cannot dissolve.”

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