This October I will be at The Crystal Dawn on 

Wednesdays: 9, 23, and 30
and also on
Sunday 14
Saturday 26
from noon to 6 p.m. each time.
Follow me @journeyalign on Twitter to get reminders closer to the day. 

The Crystal Dawn is located at 217 Dalhousie Street in  Ottawa
Call to book: 613-241-2262 
Walk-ins welcome, depending on availability.

Look for me at the St Mary's Home Craft Fair on 9 November 2019. Details to follow. 

    You can tap into the information stored in your Numerology with a private, in-depth appointment.
A Quick Session is $55 and a Full Session $95.00 
(US sessions in US dollars)

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     2019 has opened up room where the Cosmos will manifest the Human Experience in ways we had not previously considered.
     You arrived with skills that will serve the new year, if you haven't found them yet, make an appointment to learn how the information which you encoded into your Numerology Chart can guide and support your life this coming year.
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